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Mood Board Mondays: Meetings, Networking & Social Anxiety

This is the year of movement for myself and my business. Movement is a good thing. It energizes, refreshes, and exposes you to new ideas, people and places. I thank God for the ability to do the things He is placing before me, and I find myself leaning on Him to help me to do these things. As much as I am thankful for these opportunities, constant social immersion goes against my core natural tendencies. Next month, I will be attending a minimum of one industry event per week. (this is way above average for me). I have probably mentioned before that I am much more comfortable behind the scenes. But I know that the only way to grow my self and my business, is to step outside of my comfort zone, and for me, that means networking and attending industry events. -But not just attending them as I have in the past, (standing in the background, and hoping no one would notice me, or being grateful when someone did notice me and strike up a conversation). This year I am attending events and standing in my authority! I guess I am using you guys as my accountability partners.  By sharing my intent with you, I know that I have to bring it, because I stated that I would, and I am generally not one to go back on my word! I know that God has placed me in the position to carry out the tasks it takes to achieve the dream He has placed within me. I also know that He would not have blessed me with the relentless, burning desire to manifest this dream as a reality if He did not think I could actually do it (with His help, of course). Therefore, I will continue to push through the constraints of my natural tendencies, by refusing to let them control me. I will face my fears, and walk boldly into my future. (Thank you for walking with me ☺)

What fears do you find yourself facing in your daily life?

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