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The Way I See it . . .


Hey guys, How are you holding up?  I just want to say, I am so thankful for all of the first responders, nurses, doctors, grocery store checkers, store employees and people who are out there daily doing their jobs, working hard during these crazy times.

I feel blessed that there has not been much upheaval in our normal routines yet. It helps that I am homebody as well. Home is my happy place and the quarantine has given me  a weird kind of “permission” to do some things that I typically don’t allow myself to do or feel guilty about doing when I do. In between the low motivation and high levels of creativity, I have been sorting through some of my phone photos and they really have been giving me joy.  Especially since I can’t get out and do a road trip like I want to. I have to find ways to satiate the part of me that so often needs a change of scenery. Right now I’m getting that through photos, books + movies.

Many of you know how much I love photographing places + things. I decided to put a lot the photos that are just sitting on my phone somewhere I can just go look at them when I want to. So I started a new instagram. It’s mostly for personal inspiration, but if you’d like to join me, my handle is @vision_runner. I’ll also be documenting #quarantinelife here and there. I’m not good about promoting myself, which is probably why I haven’t told anyone about it except my mom, LOL. But I’d love to have you come along for the journey!

Until next time, be safe + well!


Werkspace Wednesday | Your Vision is Key to Your Success . . .

Your Vision is Key to Your Success | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. I spanned the range of emotions, from tears to laughter . . .  frustration to joy. It wasn’t so much that something bad happened, it was more like frustration with the way things were going. Running a business on a shoestring budget with out help is more than a notion. If something goes wrong. . . you have to handle it. If the raw materials shipments don’t arrive on time . . . you have to get on the phone and track them down (and then work extra hard to keep everything else on schedule so there is no trickle down in the production schedule). If shipments need to go out to customers . . . you guessed it . . . you have to ship them. In addition to all the physical things that go on in a business, there is the mental work that takes place throughout the day . . . creative budgeting, designing, creating + implementing ideas for marketing, advertising, collaborations and even blog posts. The majority of the time I am fine with all this. But for some reason yesterday, I just got fed up with things. My laptop kept freezing up on me, I could not get in touch with my hardware supplier all day long, time was flying by and I had yet to accomplish anything meaningful before the kids would be home from school (which, technically, is the end of my workday.)

So I stopped.

Well, first I cried . . . then I stopped. I’m sharing this not as a rant, but rather as a simple truth of soloprenurism . . .  or part of it anyway. Things can get overwhelming, and when they do, if you are able to, I recommend this:: get quiet + stop. Remember why you are doing what you are doing. After I dried my eyes,  I realized that I had not been keeping my vision in front of me. I had just been going nonstop, jumping from task to task and losing track of the “why” as I was so uber-focused on the “what.” This brings me to my point (only 2 paragraphs later :) . . .

Your Vision is Key to Your Success.

Yall know that I am a visual person. I’ve discussed it here many times. It’s also the reason this blog was created. But I realized I wasn’t keeping the vision in front of me! I wasn’t keeping my specific goals in my line of sight. I have a few vision boards in my office. Some I use for the lines I am working on and others hold more longterm personal goals. I hadn’t looked at my long term vision board in a while. In fact, I didn’t even know where it was at first. So, I found it and got quiet. I looked at the photos, and the statements I had attached to them and I used my mind to see the things I was looking at in a new light . . . as in the light of the reason WHY I was doing all this stuff. And guess what? It helped!! The quietness even lead to ideas of what steps to take next. I felt so much better after I was able to just let go of what was going on around me and set my sights back on the ultimate goal. I even set aside a little time to revise my vision and update it. Clarity is key, people! So if you have been feeling a little overwhelmed or off track, try getting quiet and stopping for a sec. Get out your vision board, vision book or list of goals and look at them. See them coming to fruition in your life and listen for any new steps to take. I’m telling you, it works!!!! :)

keep moving forward!



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