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Werkspace Wednesdays . . . Just Do it.


Hey guys! It’s Wednesday… the middle of a week that seems to be flying past with warp speed!! In the midst of all the activity of filling orders and shuffling kiddies around, I realized that I have approximately 5 different To Do lists and they each have about 3 items crossed off on each of them. This, my friends, is NOT organization. I guess sometimes it just be’s like that. The funny thing is, I recently had a conversation with a friend about this very thing! We confessed to each other that we have a bad habit of compiling all of our lists (an exercise which takes up valuable time) and by the time we are done with the multi-list compilation, we don’t feel much like doing anything else on the list. Kinda ridiculous huh? Well the moral of the story is this: JUST DO IT! Instead of trying to make everything perfect, or waiting for just the right moment, JUST DO IT! Correct, tweak and fix things as you go, the important thing is to get moving. Hope the rest of your week is successful and that you are able to check mucho items off your To Do lists!

Stay Focused!


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