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Meeting Old Friends . . .

Meeting old friends | The LookBook Philosophy

Been AWOL working on a few projects and getting ready to shoot the bags for my new website revamp. Im excited to change things up a bit! Met some old friends for lunch in LA yesterday and snapped a few pix. Hope July is treating you well thus far!

outfit deets:: dress: bar III | bag:: ayanna listenbee collection | shoes:: calvin klein

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Randomocities | On Progress . . .

Haight Fringe Clutch | Ayanna Listenbee

Haight Fringe Clutch | Ayanna Listenbee

Sometimes it’s hard to see how far you’ve come, when you are looking at the big picture. It’s easy to focus on the day to day minuscule things. The things that are not working, or that someone forgot to take care of, or that didn’t get crossed off the To Do list. It’s especially hard when you are the one responsible for everything. I mean really, there is only so much one human can do in a day. Well, today I had to stop and remind myself of that, yet again. So I just wanted to share my “note to self” with you::

Go easy on yourself peops! Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Eventually you will reach your destination!

Happy Thursday!


Mood Board Monday | Summer Fresh . . .

Mood Board Monday | Summer Fresh . . . | The LookBook Philosophy

Mornin’ Friends + Happy First of June! Summer is officially right around the corner and I am ready for it! Ready for more relaxed schedules, time spent with family and quick summer get aways. Those are some of the inspirations for today’s Mood Board Monday. I’ve created a fresh, cool palette for you to ease on in to summer with. I know the days ahead are going to be hot ones, so this palette is designed to keep you cool. Infused with soft peach, cool blues and citrus greens, balanced out by neutral taupe and army green, this palette should be easy to incorporate into your wardrobe as we finish off our spring/summer transition. Think of putting the lighter, fresher colors of the palette close to your skin, by selecting these colors for tops, dresses and skirts, you can balance out the look by using the darker tones on strappy sandals, heels and slides. Exotic skinned accessories in any of these tones will give your outfit a little something extra by adding a luxe feel via texture.

What do you think? Would you wear this palette?


image credit:: porsche | water | drinks 

Life in Pictures | Week of 4.3.15

Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY My Renaissance Clutch has proven to be a real go-to bag for me for evenings out. I’m thinking to make it in a slightly larger size as well. Do you like to carry clutches or do you prefer a strap? I really ♡ the option of having a removable strap . . .

Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY Last Friday Rob and I drove to San Diego for the Bonobo concert. I love Simon Green’s music. It was such a treat to see him do his thing in person + feel the music and energy of everyone experiencing it together . . . #perfectdate Life inPictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY Went for a 5 mile hike with my buddy Loreta last week. There’s already so much beauty on this trail and then we had the treat of seeing these beautiful horses taking a stroll with their riders through the creek . . .

Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY Reston turned 10 years old on Saturday and wanted to visit Mission Santa Barbara for his birthday, so we drove up and spent the day in The Barbie. It was such a beautiful day . . . and now I have a 10 year old . . . wow.

Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY I love the view from this park. I used to bring the kids here when they were littles. They like to visit it whenever we are visiting SB. This time we were able to, but the playground was closed for construction :/ . . .

Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY We dog-sat my niece’s dog, Coco, over the weekend. She is the sweetest dog ever, with the best temperament. I have never met a dog so chill! . . . she definitely has her moments of playfulness, but overall she was really easy to handle. I’m allergic to dogs, so it was tough when she would get all hyped up and want to run around and play, but I handled it. Reston really wants a dog, was this a test?

Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY I hung out with my nieces on Saturday, we went vintage shopping and hung out in Pasadena. It was really fun. I love hanging out with them. Found this “faux” tile in a store in Santa Anita. I love the pattern + of course I love the colors ☺ . . .

Life in Pictures | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY Ended the week with a super productive brand clarity meeting with Kelly Brito. Kelly is really good at what she does and I have been wanting to work with her for some time now. I’m excited about the work we are going to do together!

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend. This is the last weekend of Spring Break for us. My days are so out of whack! Did you notice that yesterday I posted a Mood Board Monday post on Friday? OOps! My bad!!

Enjoy your Saturday!



Thankful Thursdays . . .

Thankful Thursday_thelookbookphlosophy.com Happy Thursday friends! Despite the fact that I have been feeling challenged in so many areas lately, I know there’s lots to be thankful for. I hope you will share one thing you are thankful for in the comments below . . .

Today I am thankful for . . .

  • God’s grace + His word
  • the sunlight shining through my window and lighting up my room as I type this
  • the reality of Hope in situations that look, taste, and feel hopeless
  • my family ♥
  • my health + the health of my family
  • inspiration for my new collection
  • good hair days (though lately, they have been few and far between :/ )
  • laughter
  • persistence
  • progress
  • breakthroughs
  • my sketchbook + pens
  • instagram (yea. i’m addicted. it makes me happy)
  • road trips (can’t wait for Frisco next month!)

What are you thankful for today? Share your thankfuls in the comments below!


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