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Come on Now, Move Somethin’ . . . .

keep moving forward

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This message seems to be whispering to me from every corner. Lately I have not been able to go throughout my day without finding some gentle (and pretty) reminder to keep moving forward, keep going. I love how God always sends me messages when I need them, and often (though not always) just the way I like them (pretty). This message is very specific and speaks to the momentum God has been helping me to create in my life recently. I love movement . . . and I love how movement begets movement. So I’m passing my gentle reminder along to you. Keep moving forward guys. Moving is living!!

Happy Friday!


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It’s hard to believe I ¬†wrote my first post a year ago today! At that time this blog was just a vision I had in my head. I had no idea I would meet so many fascinating and encouraging people along the way, but that is exactly what I had hoped would happen, and it has!! It’s been a really fun ride, and a wonderful creative outlet for me. I love blogging so much that I would continue to do it even if I had no followers. But I am so thankful to all of you for following along and joining in on the ride! Your comments and thoughts continue to inspire me and help to make my journey more colorful. Thank you for a marvelous first year. Here’s to many more!!!! xo

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