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Style Fashion Week:: A/W 2014 | Old School Glamour with Tatyana . . .

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Opening night of Style Fashion Week ended in a glamorous trip down the runway with the label Tatyana, designed by Tatyana Khomyakova. ¬†Khomyakova’s inspiration for this collection came directly from clothing styles of the 1940’s and the colors of the Autumn leaves she saw around her. Rich reds, deep greens, blues and warm yellows were amongst the colors that sauntered down the runway. The collection consisted of cozy wools, stretchy knits, beaded lace, shimmery satins and floral prints. Silhouettes gave a direct nod to the 40’s, by accentuating the female figure with high waisted pencil skirts, fitted midi dresses, circle skirts, peplum tops, belted coats, and elegant hats. The 1940’s were one of my favorite fashion eras. I loved this collection for the way it captured the style of the 40’s and made it wearable for today.

Do you like retro style clothing? Would you wear any of these pieces? Share your views in the comments section!

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