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Randomocities: 5 Reasons to Start With What You Have . . .


Start with what you have. This has recently become a mantra of mine. I’ve been in the design industry for some time now. It’s my passion, and honestly, it sometimes borders on obsession. Obsession in the way that I must create. I must get the ideas out of my head and into some sort of tangible reality or else I start to feel stifled! When I lie down to sleep, I see images of handbags, dresses, furniture and jewelry just waiting to be created. New design ideas are always flooding my brain. I keep a pad and pen next to the bed so that I can capture these inspirations. Design truly excites me!! The problem is that I like things to look a certain way. I don’t like to present things to the world unless I am happy with the way they look. I’d say I have a mild case of Perfectionism. Sounds like a good trait for a designer, no? Well, it is and it isn’t. It is when you know what you want and you are able to convey that to your team and the people working with you. It helps you to reach the final product faster. It isn’t when you let that stop you. And that’s what I have done in the past. This past year was a real learning experience. I stepped out on faith and fell flat on my $%& It took a while to recover. I had to pick myself up and move forward without even knowing what really happened. But the most important thing I could do (after praying and mentally processing things) was to just start again, EVEN THOUGH I didn’t feel like I had all my ducks in a row.  And here’s why you should too:

  1. By starting now, you will gain momentum. You will create energy around whatever it is you are doing that will begin to propel you forward. Once you take the first step, you will find yourself needing to take more.
  2. I believe we are all receptors of great ideas, however only a few of us actually act on them. If you have an idea, chances are someone else has or has had that idea as well. Why not be the one to carry it through to fruition? You were given that idea for a reason. If you can’t do it first, do it better. (Speaking of ideas, when we don’t act on ideas we are given, they tend to come around less and less. It’s like your brain thinks “She’s not going to do anything with this, she hasn’t done anything with the last 7 ideas that came her way, so maybe I’ll just stop sending them…”) Signal to your brain, your body and your surroundings that you are a doer and there will inevitably be more for you to do!
  3. Recognize that the majority of the population is learning on the job. I am an advocate of preparation; Yes, you should always research, take classes, and be open to continuously learning about your craft/field, but real learning comes from on the job training, and you don’t get that by sitting around “thinking” about doing something. 
  4. We’ve all heard the acronym for fear: False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is binding. Our powerful brains can come up with soooo many scenarios and reasons why NOT to do something. Try putting more focus on why you should do something. Learn to take control of your fears by facing them head on. The best way to face your fears head on is to do it anyway!!!
  5. Reason number five points back to reason number one. As my Dad always says, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” If you use what you have, and use it wisely, you will be given more. It takes something to make something, so use that something you have in your possession right now to create, build on, or lay the groundwork for that idea that’s been mulling around in your head for a while! Go forth and Do!!!

(please note, this is just my personal opinion. I believe all ideas should be thought out, and researched to determine pros, cons, need and viability before starting… in other words, when you do start, start with a plan, even if it’s a general one. )

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