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Randomocities: This Makes Me Happy . . .


I’ve never been one for wearing much make up. On a good day, I typically wear foundation, blush and lip balm. But I do keep 3 go-to lipstick shades with me in case I find myself needing a pick-me-up. Lately, I have begun regularly wearing mascara and eyeliner. As I am getting my skin in better shape, I am opting for less foundation. I love playing up my eyes and leaving everything else bare. I’m not a fan of the caked and baked look that make-up can sometimes have. I believe less is more, and that make-up shouldn’t really be “seen” or “noticed” it should just be something that is there to enhance what you already have. I have a memory from high school that kind of set my view on make-up early on. I remember getting ready for a party with a group of friends and one of the girls removed her make-up from the day in order to apply a fresh “coat” if you will. Well, when she removed her make-up she looked like a completely different person! It wasn’t that she looked bad, she just didn’t look like her. Because of that, I never wanted to look that different without my make up, so I never really delved into the possibilities of what make-up can do.  My wedding was the first time I ever had a full face of make up. I thought it made me look like a cross between my mother and a somewhat friendly drag queen that could be related to my family. Nevertheless, I was told it was important for the pictures, so I went with it.   Even though I am not a make-up connoisseur, I am a lover of beautiful things as well as things that have the potential to make you look beautiful!! Hence the reason for this post. What I love about make-up is it’s potential for creating something different. . . and a little bit of pretty packaging doesn’t hurt either!

Liquid Foundation: Chanel Perfection Lumiere; Translucent Powder: Chanel; Lip Balm + Cuticle Creme: Burt’s Bees; Eyeliner: Loreal Pencil Perfect in Espresso; Lipsticks: NP Set in Washington, Sephora Matte Lipstick in Fuchsia, Shisheido Make up Perfecting Lipstick in Real Red; Blush: Bobbi Brown in Pale Pink; Tortoise Shell Headband: Goody; Make-up bag: Cathexis

What are some of your favorite go-to cosmetics?

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