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I was Interviewed by Seeing Beauty Blog!


Hey guys! I’m excited to announce that I was recently interviewed by my friends Karina + Shaleah of Seeing Beauty Blog. I met Karina when I attended the Blogcademy workshop in San Francisco a few years back and then Karina put me in touch with Shaleah, whom I had the pleasure of meeting when she came to visit this past summer. Karina + Shaleah run Seeing Beauty, where they offer usable business tips and courses for creative entrepreneurs. BTW, for any of my camera-shy, introverted readers, who may also be business owners, I can’t speak highly enough of their new course, “Change Your Lens” (2 weeks to better business photos). I took this class and it was a great help in showing you how to photograph yourself in ways that are natural to you. In fact, all of the photos of me used in the interview came from me taking their course!! Anyway, do check it out. In the meantime, here is a snippet from my interview::

When effortless grace, uncompromising values, fierce attention to detail and inspirational style come together you probably just encountered Ayanna Listenbee. Completely wowed by her designs and charmed by her humility, we recently met with this ageless beauty in Pasadena, California to talk about her work and to find out how she does it all and makes it look so easy…

Why did you start designing?

Designing has been a passion of mine since the beginning. But early on in my college years, I was just unwilling to embrace it, because I didn’t think I could make a living for myself in fashion. Thankfully I got past that belief! Designing is kind of like a natural state for me and when I am not doing it, I don’t feel as alive. I started doing custom clothing while I was working for Liz Claiborne Swimwear, just after college. That lead to creating my own capsule clothing line. Then, with the impending birth of my first child in 2005, I began creating leather handbags and from that, the Ayanna Listenbee Collection was born.

Read the full interview here

Click here for more information about Seeing Beauty,  and here to see more of the fabulous courses they offer.


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