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Limited Edition Raw Edged Scarves Now in the Shop!

Limited edition raw edged jersey scarf in "Storm" now available in the shop . . .

Limited edition raw edged jersey scarf in “Storm” now available in the shop . . .

As I grow older I realize just how much I am my mother’s daughter. I have vague memories of watching my mother get dressed when I was younger. She was always quite fashionable and she had a penchant for scarves. I remember there being a brilliant array of colored and patterned scarves on hand in her closet. They weren’t that appealing to me then, and I marveled at how many scarves one woman could own. Well, flash forward a few decades, and now I am the one with the closet overrun with scarves. I LOVE scarves. I wear scarves even in the summer time. I love how they can add a little pop of color, or subtle texture to an outfit. And since I get cold so easily, I find they are easier to have on hand than a jacket sometimes. Scarves are a truly versatile accessory. There’s so much you can do with a scarf; they can double as shawls, be draped into different shapes, belted @ the waist or wrapped loosely a few times about the neck for warmth. They also make great gifts. I’ve added a few limited edition raw edged scarves to the shop. Click here to shop the selection!


WWD MAGIC:: ShawLux Scarves @ ENK

shawlux+1_thelookbookphilosophy.com.jpg Shawlux_thelookbookphilosophy.com.jpg shawluxhang2_thelookbookphilosophy.com.jpg Annu+Nick As you probably already know, I am an avid scarf addict. I’ve been known to wear a scarf in 90 degree weather (of course it was lightweight voile and I had on a tank top . . . but that’s a story for an outfit post ☺) One of my favorite finds at the ENK Women’s show was discovering the brother and sister design team behind 5 year old label, ShawLux. Annu and Nick Gyani apply digital photographs to cashmere, silk and modal fabrics. Their line for Spring/Summer consisted of beautiful digital printed scarves, shawls and caftans. The line retails from $80-$300. ShawlLux can be found at Nordstrom, Henri Bendel, Barney’s, Kitson and Anthropologie. I’m already planning on purchasing the NYC Taxi scarf for my trip to NYC this Spring! For more information, visit shawlux.com.

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I’m Just Plain Old Obsessed with __________________ :

Kelly Wearstler Printed Wool & Silk Scarf

Athena Procopiu Carmen Printed Scarf

Bottega Veneta Red Cashmere Silk Scarf

Kelly Wearstler Serpent Printed Wool & Silk Scarf

Vivienne Westwood Robot-Print Cotton & Silk Scarf

On any given day I can be obsessed with a number of things. Today, I chose to focus on scarves. I have been developing a very blatant love affair with scarves for the past few years. I became enamored with them when I was trying to loose the baby weight from my last pregnancy. I refused to purchase any new clothing in the rather large size I had become. Instead, I turned my focus to accessories, and scarves quickly became my favorite pick-me-up. A scarf can brighten an outfit instantly. It can add a pop of color or signal a wild streak. I am very particular about my scarves though. They must be long, and have great drape. And don’t get me started on infinity scarves, I will never allow those to go out of fashion. I am very passionate about my love of cowl necks and infinity scarves, but I digress… I tend to wear scarves year round, which can be hard to do in 100 degree weather, but if it’s not on my neck, it’s in my bag, just waiting for the moment the sun decides to take it down a thousand!

What are some of your favorite accessories?

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