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Instantaneous Obsession ♥: Proenza Schouler Sandals

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Yep. Totally LOOOVIN’ these chunky heeled sandals from Proenza Schouler’s Spring ’14 line.  I adore the softly curved lines of the heel, the cleanness of the wood, the stacked platform and the texture of the leathers that were chosen. I love the “retro” nod to the Hurache’s of my youth. Though I never actually owned a pair of Hurache’s (nor did I desire to at the time) this modern day take on an old classic definitely gets my vote. Adding a wooden platform to this style puts it front and center for Spring 2014. The wooden platform reminds me of the kind of wood used in minimalist Swedish interiors, it automoatically gives the shoe a modern vibe. Yep. Not much else to say about these except GET. IN. MY. CLOSET . . . NOW!!!!


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Instantaneous Obsession: Sophia Webster Leilou Stripe Sandal

Sophia Webster Leiou Sandal

Sophia Webster Leilou Stripe leather, suede and canvas sandal $595 here.

Ok, so Sophia Webster is quickly becoming one of my fav shoe designers!! I know we are in the throws of winter, but I couldn’t pass up sharing this beautiful graphic conglomeration of bold orange, pink, black and white patterns. It takes serious skill to mesh stripes, chevron and tassels, and this shoe just knocks it out the box!!!

I LOVE THIS SHOE!!!!! –Santa, can you hear me???

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3 Days of Sheer MAGIC: Walking the Shows >> Final Day 3

From the looks of my outfit brainstorming, it seems I will be spending 3 days in sneakers. I love the idea of sneakers, but I don’t wear them often. For some reason they don’t make me feel feminine enough. I know that this feeling ties back to the days when I had cut my hair short and feared being asked if I was a basketball player every day. Those days are behind me now, and comfort is just as important as style for me (well, almost). When it comes to work, it’s no fun being in pain and trying to do a job. My go-to shoes are generally flat sandals, but that is part of what causes my feet to cramp after standing for long periods of time. Do you guys have any shoe suggestions?

Brian Atwood African Satin Fringed Crochet Sandals . . . I Likey.

Brian Atwood’s fringed crochet sandals are exquisite! I would love to add these to my wardrobe. I can just imagine the way the fringe moves when you walk. Sexy. And. Elegant.

Purchase here.

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