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Mood Board Monday | How to Style Your Presidio Tote + What is Your Personal Style Definition?

How to style your Presidio Fringe Tote | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY

a modurban transitional palette . . .

a modurban transitional palette . . .

A few years back I read an article about defining your style. It asked readers to define their personal style in 3 words. Naturally I saw this as an opportunity to create a word . . . one of my fav pasttimes, Lol. So as I thought about defining my style these words came to mind::






I came up with 5 words, and we were only supposed to use 3, so I condensed them into my personal style definition which started out as a sentence::

My style is modurban glam with an edge.

modurban meaning modern + urban. I rocked with that for a few years and then, because I began working from home, I noticed I had lost a little of the glam, so I switched it up again and created a back up interpretation of my style::

modurban chic

I’ve been rolling with that for the past few years and I love it. I think the word urban covers the feeling of “downtown edginess” that is always present in my style choices, so right now it works well for me. I used modurban chic as the theme for today’s mood board, in which I styled an outfit around the Presidio Fringe Tote. I love this bag for it’s versatility as well as it’s size. I’m also a big fan of printed midi skirts and this Marni cotton print skirt is perfect for Spring transition. You can shop all of the pieces in the mood board by clicking the links below.

What’s your personal style definition? Tell me in the comments below!



:: shop the look :: 
jacket:: Dorothy Perkins | fedora:: Rag & Bone  |  sunnies:: Prada | sequin cross tank:: Choies | lipstick:: Manic Panic | skirt:: Marni | lace up bootie:: Malone Souliers | presidio fringe tote:: Ayanna Listenbee

My Uniform . . .

My Uniform_thelookbookphilosophy.com wearing:: Uniqlo cargo skinnies (sold out) similar here | random off shoulder T | Jessica Bennett croc stud sandals (sold out) similar here | ayanna listenbee Allegra Hobo (previous season) 

As much as I love fashion and trying new things, I realized something as I was getting dressed this morning. I love a good uniform. By uniform, I mean that I have learned what types of clothes look good on my body type, and what types of clothes I feel most comfortable and powerful in. Oftentimes my choice of dress depends on the types of activities staring back at me from my TO DO list that day. But generally, I gravitate toward one of my many uniforms when selecting what to wear. One of my favorite go-to outfits is a great pair of skinnies, an off the shoulder shirt, heels and a great bag. Oh, and a stack of bracelets and rings. Works for me every time. I always feel ready to take on what life has to offer in this uniform. Heels really do that for me. I never really feel dressed enough, unless I am wearing a pair of heels… of course that depends on where I am going and what I am doing that day. I’m not the type to shop in heels or even run errands in heels, but when I’ve got somewhere else to go, they give me life. So does a great bag. I’m really into big slouchy bags and soft cross body bags right now. In the image above I am carrying my Allegra Hobo in chocoloate suede. I love her because she has these great gold rivets on the handle and fringe with gold bells. I love a little movement in my clothes. So, what is your favorite YOU-niform? Share in the comments below!


The Worn Identity: Church on Sunday

Church on Sunday . . .

One of the things I learned from polling you, my lovely readers, was that you wanted to see more personal style posts. Well, being the perfectionist that I am, I couldn’t bear to upload shady cell phone shots of me in the bathroom smiling (or not) into the mirror. Since I do not have the luxury of having a personal photographer follow me around 24/7, I decided to go about it another way. (at least until I beef up my photography skills a little more). I’ve decided to post my outfits as personal style drawings. I love to draw and I don’t do it nearly as much as I would like to, so now, thanks to you guys, I have reason to once again! I’ve decided to label my personal style posts: The Worn Identity.  I call it that because I believe that what we choose to put on our bodies represents an aspect of who we are in some way, or who we choose to portray ourselves as that day.  As you get to know me better, you will see that I channel many personalities via my clothes, as I am sure many of you do. It is a great form of expression. Hope you enjoy! xo

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