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Resolved: No New Year’s Resolutions!

A few years ago I decided to forgo the New Year’s Resolution lists that I have made so many years prior. Each year since, I have narrowed down my ideas to the one thing I want to focus on in the coming year that I have seen to be powerful in my life in regards to my personal happiness and growth.


This year I will not try to “make it happen.” I will do my part, I will do what is placed before me, and often more than what is asked of me, but I will not get out ahead of myself and try to make things work to fit into the picture I have in my head. I have learned that oftentimes, the things we need are brought to us in a form different than what we had expected! It is just as easy to overlook a blessing when it arrives wrapped in dirty newspaper, as it is to try to “create” a blessing out of something in front of you that is pretty and shiny. If the pretty shiny thing is not meant for you, then it will never really be yours, not in the way you want or need it to be.

I go forward into this year being open to what is placed before me, and attentive to the effects it is having in all areas of my life. I am ready to celebrate the mini-moments throughout my day, instead of trying to make those moments happen!

What areas of your life would you like to focus on in 2012?

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