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Mood Board Monday 4.2.18

This week my husband + kiddos are off for Spring Break. Unfortunately, I’ve been fighting allergies for the last 2 weeks and they have deceptively gotten worse just when I thought I was getting better. Nevertheless, the show must go on. It’s been really busy around here lately. My son will be a teenager in a matter of days, and I’m excited to have a quick family get away on the books. The weather is changing, the days are getting longer, and my mind is full of new designs to be executed. I’m thankful for the future at hand. Some of this lighter mood is probably reflected in this week’s Mood Board, a nod to the first glimpses of summer.

Cheers to a fantastic week ahead for all of us!


Mood Board Monday:: The Palette of Life



I love the tonal neutrals that were staring back at me from my desk . . .


palette_of_life_thelookbookhilosophy.com Happy Monday! It is the start of another week. I spent a great deal of time cleaning off my desk + work area yesterday. Feels like months since I actually sat at it. Sometimes I like to move my workspaces… especially when my desk is piled with bag samples, clothes and papers… but I digress. This Mood Board Monday I decided to do something a little different. Instead of creating an actual mood board, I decided to select colors from real life, and what was right in front of my eyes. I was sipping coffee as I worked and realized I loved the color combination that this little corner of my life was creating. It’s neutral, and soft while at the same time contrasting in a subtle way. Perhaps it is a palette you can incorporate into your life or wardrobe in some way?

Cheers to a great week ahead! Be productive and don’t forget to have fun!!

Mood Board Monday | How to Style Your Presidio Tote + What is Your Personal Style Definition?

How to style your Presidio Fringe Tote | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY

a modurban transitional palette . . .

a modurban transitional palette . . .

A few years back I read an article about defining your style. It asked readers to define their personal style in 3 words. Naturally I saw this as an opportunity to create a word . . . one of my fav pasttimes, Lol. So as I thought about defining my style these words came to mind::






I came up with 5 words, and we were only supposed to use 3, so I condensed them into my personal style definition which started out as a sentence::

My style is modurban glam with an edge.

modurban meaning modern + urban. I rocked with that for a few years and then, because I began working from home, I noticed I had lost a little of the glam, so I switched it up again and created a back up interpretation of my style::

modurban chic

I’ve been rolling with that for the past few years and I love it. I think the word urban covers the feeling of “downtown edginess” that is always present in my style choices, so right now it works well for me. I used modurban chic as the theme for today’s mood board, in which I styled an outfit around the Presidio Fringe Tote. I love this bag for it’s versatility as well as it’s size. I’m also a big fan of printed midi skirts and this Marni cotton print skirt is perfect for Spring transition. You can shop all of the pieces in the mood board by clicking the links below.

What’s your personal style definition? Tell me in the comments below!



:: shop the look :: 
jacket:: Dorothy Perkins | fedora:: Rag & Bone  |  sunnies:: Prada | sequin cross tank:: Choies | lipstick:: Manic Panic | skirt:: Marni | lace up bootie:: Malone Souliers | presidio fringe tote:: Ayanna Listenbee

Mood Board Monday | Hues of Neutrality . . .

MoodBoardMonday_thelookbookphilosophy.com Bright

I am loving these hues of neutrality. I will never tire of the color combo of black, beige, tan, creme and hunter green. Considering that it was 102 degrees today, it may or may not seem strange that my mind is on winter. Desperately wanting it to come my way, all I can do for now is dream it and will it to make an appearance sooner than later. Today’s mood board and color palette gives me that cool dawn-of-autumn feeling. I love how these colors play so nicely together and balance each other out. They remain both elegant and unassuming. This is what I would be wearing if it wasn’t 102. Dream on . . .



image credit clockwise from top left:: dentrodelabuhardi.tumblr.comcouldihavethat.com via pinterest| collage vintage via pinterest | J. Crew for Paperless Post

Mood Board Mondays:: Current LookBook Mood . . .

B+W_MoodBoard_usethis__thelookbookphilosophy.com-2  image credit: wayne levin | black + white girl |keyboard| ok hoodie | scarf | living room |ildiko flared dress | black maxi dress 

I hope you guys had a fun + safe 4th of July! Summer is in full swing around here . . . it almost feels busier than school season, except without the homework!  Anyway, My love of black and white never ceases, but since it’s summer, I thought I would throw in a dose of muted turquoise as a color pop. It’s another one of my favorite color combos. I thought it might provide some color palette inspiration for ya. Hope you are enjoying your day!

Wht-Blk Bee-forblogsig

Mood Board Mondays: Motivational Grays + Black and White

TLBP_ColdSpringCollage all images via pinterest + personal archive

Well, things are finally getting back to normal. Today was the first day back to school for Rob and the kiddkes. And I am finally able to sit at my desk uninterrupted for a few hours. I use the term uninterrupted loosely. My mind has a bad habit of reminding me of the thousands of other things I could/should be doing around the house as soon as I sit down to work. But, I digress… we had a great holiday vacation, which actually seemed longer than the 2 weeks that it was (in a good way)! I am excited about things to come both business and work wise. Keep an eye out, I’m super excited that The LookBook Philosophy will be getting a new look soon. I’ve been wanting to change things up a bit, refine them if you will, and what better way to start the year off than with a new look?☺

Do you like today’s mood board? It’s another board I created to help with the direction of the new line. I’m excited to say that I am excited again about designing. It’s been a long slow road back, but I can’t wait to share the new bags with you! In the meantime, enjoy this fabulous Monday! Keep creating, being, and doing everything you can to get closer to your goals and dreams. It will all be worth it in the end!

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