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Mood Board Monday | Current Inspirations . . .

MoodBoard Monday | Current Inspirations | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY

Happy March friends!! Supposedly springtime is upon us, but from the looks of things across the country, it seems like it might be a while before spring temperatures hit! Which is actually okay by me, as my current inspirations are more winter-worthy than spring I guess. Some of the things that are currently inspiring me are actually things that always inspire me. They are classics in my book. Magazines and fashion blogs may look at some of these as trends, but for me and my closet, they never go out of style, and remain constant  sources of inspiration for me. Here are 5 of my current inspirations for today’s Mood Board Monday::

  1. Mid rise Flares . . . Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE, I repeat L O V E my skinnies, and could pretty much rock a pair of skinny jeans daily, but there is nothing like the sleek look of a pair of slim flares with heels. I love it. Plus it’s a great way to elongate your legs if that’s something that appeals to you . . .
  2. Dark Lipstick . . . I love dark lipstick. I used to wear it a lot in college, and I remember a friend of mine asking me why I always wore dark lipstick. She asked me in a tone that sounded disapproving and I began to question if the lipstick looked as good as I thought it did! Needless to say that was a time in my life where I cared more about what others thought than my own preferences! I stopped wearing it for a long time. But I’ve always kept it in my arsenal. Recently I’ve begun to wear it again. I will say though, that as I have gotten older, I don’t like wearing as much make up as I did way back when, but I am eternally going through phases with my make up, just like I do with clothing.
  3. Pixie Cuts . . . A classic that never goes out of style. I’m sure all of you are tired of me talking about how I am eventually, probably, maybe going to cut my hair soon. It’s really hard to decide on a style, there are so many awesome short cuts out there, and once you cut it you gotta commit! But Pixies always look great. And the movement in the style above is really giving me life!!!!
  4. Leopard Print ANYTHING! . . . I never get tired of leopard print, and I think it looks really fresh and modern on a great pair of sunnies. Especially when done in unexpected color combinations like seaglass  and black . . . yeah, I’m lovin’ it.
  5. Navy Nails . . . Okay, so navy nails are nothing new. But I love a great dark polish just as much as a great bright, and navy is a classic alternative to black and bordeaux. Once you top it off with stacks upon stacks of gold rings . . . well, you’ve got a winner in my book.

What are some of your current fashion inspirations right now? 


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