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Design Crack . . .

Happy Saturday guys! I am still working hard on the new collection. It’s funny, even though I am feeling anxious and slightly stressed, I just love what it takes to create. The dedication, the infinite amount of sketching and revision, ┬áresearching current trends and playing with colors . . . I love the whole creation process, especially the tools of the trade. Many of you know I have a pen fetish. My pens are my (other) babies. This is just a glimpse of my marker stash. Don’t even get me started on regular writing pens. I can be very particular, and I have been known to issue a ticket to the owner of a pen left cap-less and unattended on a table. (Okay, so I was 4 when I handed out my last ticket, but the sight of a cap-less pen still irks me to this day.) Anyway, I dropped the kiddies off at Abuela’s last night and Rob is teaching today, so I have a full day of uninterrupted work ahead of me, followed by a much needed date night. I hope you all have fabulous Saturday plans (and by “fabulous” I mean plans to do anything that makes you happy). Enjoy the beauty of this day and make it a memorable one!! xo

Happy Resurrection Day!!!

Nadiya’s hand rendered eggs

Reston’s hand rendered eggs (He has a slight fascination with Eve from the movie Wall-e. She shows up everywhere in our house.)

Hope you all had a fantastic Easter! We waited too long to buy Easter Egg dye, so we decided to run by Target after church on Sunday to pick some up. To our surprise, and with recognition of it’s coolness, Target was closed!!! So we opted for other media to use. The kids used some of mommy’s Prismacolor markers and their own Crayolas. I think we had more fun using the markers than we ever had using dye! We hid the eggs throughout the house and had a timed egg hunt. Fun ending to a wonderful day of praise, thanks giving, and family togetherness.

How did you spend your Easter?

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