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Concept LA | Camelia Skikos Runway Presentation

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On Saturday I attended a few of the Concept LA fashion shows at The Mack Sennett Studios in LA. The first show was Camelia Skikos’ Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection which was inspired by San Francisco, the city in which she currently resides. Skikos, a former designer for Levi Strauss and the Gap, created a collection using vivid colors directly inspired by street art visible around San Francisco. Dresses, jackets and skirts bore complementary colored leather trim which created a feeling of monochrome mondrian color blocking. Silhouettes were structured and clean, yet retained an edge of feminity. The collection was balanced out by blacks and grays and styled with bright lips and futuristic disc-shaped head pieces. Of note, is the fact that all garments are designed and made in California. Definitely a plus for our local economy!

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Randomocities: Made in the U.S.A.?

I hope you are having a fabulous Friday. Today is the end of the first week of school for the kiddies and I am enjoying getting back to a regular work schedule. I met with a number of good contacts for overseas manufacturing while @ MAGIC. Over the past year I have really been fighting the idea of producing my handbags overseas. But as I further my research, right now, it seems to be the best way I can make this business work while relaunching. The thought of this has given me some grief over the past few months. I am anxious to provide jobs for the people in THIS country. So I had to revise my vision. My plan is to go overseas and get my “sea-legs” and then come back here and provide. Some say this is a lofty goal, but I believe all things are possible through Christ, and He is my CEO, so I will cross that bridge with Him when I get to it. ☺

Have you ever had to make any major changes to your goals?

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