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Mood Board Mondays: Pages From My Look Book

This past week I’ve been working on cultivating the concept for my website. I have been waiting for the day when I was in the position to create my website and have it reflect the true aesthetic and the vision behind my brand. Needless to say, I have soooo many ideas floating around in my head! This, coupled with the excitement and creative overload of the project has pretty much catapulted me into a place where my brain is overflowing to the point of . . . dare I say . . . confusion! (Which is pretty much how I have been feeling for the last week and a half). Sitting at my desk the other day I remembered how I have been able to garner a little direction and get my thoughts in order in the past. Duh, by working in my LookBook! (which is also the philosophy behind this blog!) Many of you know that I have kept and maintained ¬†look books¬†throughout the years. For me, they are books that I paste images, ideas, swatches and notes in for mood and reference. Today for Mood Board Monday, I thought I would share a few pages I created when I was working on my denim and exotics collections.

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