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Keep Moving Forward . . . | Free Printable

Keep Moving Free Printable | The LookBook Philosophy I have always created different prints to keep at my desk or use in my inspiration books, and I’ve recently decided to start sharing them. Yesterday I made this “Keep Moving Forward” print just to keep myself motivated . . . (and because I was feeling inspired by the shape of this letter “k” ☺).  I wanted to share it with you guys as a free printable. It’s a PDF file that fits on 8.5″ x 11 paper, or you can crop it to fit in an 8 x 10″ frame.

Keep Moving Forward Printable | The LookBook Philosophy We can all use a little motivation sometimes. Simple reminders placed around your work area or home can help to put your mind back on track. (take it from someone with a wandering mind . . . :) These little words actually hold a lot of weight. No matter what your task at hand, be it big or small, the only way to see it through to fruition is to keep moving forward. Don’t stop.

Keep Moving Forward Printable | The LookBook Philosophy

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Come on Now, Move Somethin’ . . . .

keep moving forward

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This message seems to be whispering to me from every corner. Lately I have not been able to go throughout my day without finding some gentle (and pretty) reminder to keep moving forward, keep going. I love how God always sends me messages when I need them, and often (though not always) just the way I like them (pretty). This message is very specific and speaks to the momentum God has been helping me to create in my life recently. I love movement . . . and I love how movement begets movement. So I’m passing my gentle reminder along to you. Keep moving forward guys. Moving is living!!

Happy Friday!


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