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Instantaneous Obsession: Jimmy Choo Samos Patent Sandal

I have a great fondness for wooden heels. I think they are a thing of beauty. Perhaps it’s the fact that I am a child of the 70’s, but wood + a platform heel = urban elegance in my book. These Jimmy Choo Samos sandals combine patent leather, suede, wood and cork, a heavenly combination of textures materials and colors. Purchase them here.

Cup Cozies . . .

I definitely like things to look pretty and unique, but I think this calls for a DIY!!! Actually, I think I would get more use out of the Jimmy Choo cup sleeves if I used them as arm cuffs! (That $165 could be put to good use elsewhere!!)┬áThe knitted sleeve is really cute and cozy, it’s priced a little more reasonably at $18. Though I don’t drink enough coffee to warrant it without actually making it myself, I thought it was unique enough to share!

purchase here and here

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