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Gifts to be Shared . . .


I’m always reading up on branding and marketing here and there or taking a webinar for something business related. Last week I finished an online course to help jumpstart the launch of my line. I will share more about it in an upcoming post, but one of the assignments we were given was to create a manifesto for our businesses. I love manifestos. They really give you an up close and personal view of what a company is about . . . at least the good ones do.  Anyway, I have been putting together a company vision book over the past few years. In it, I paste images, words, quotes and anything that relates to my business vision. I have written ideas and blurbs about my company and what we believe in in different places throughout the book, but never really brought it all together. So actually sitting down to create a manifesto was an interesting assignment and I loved it!! I can’t wait to share it with you. While I was writing it, I realized that my manifesto was really just made up of my core values and beliefs. (duh) The quote I made above is born of one of my core beliefs. Often, it is easy to overlook the gifts around you, or even to be annoyed by them! Some of the gifts we possess we are not even using to the fullest extent. Take today to be on the look out for the gifts around you. Have your own treasure hunt and seek them out amongst those you know. You might be surprised at what you find. Many of the gifts of our friends and family members are complementary to our own, and the ones that are not, can actually help us to grow!



Embrace Your Individuality!

If there is one gripe I have in this life (and I try not to gripe often, really, I do)  it is that I truly want people to embrace their individuality.

I think this issue holds such a big place in my heart because it is something I struggled with in my younger years, and something I am still learning to embrace every day. (As a child and young adult I suffered from PLMS, also known as Please Like Me Syndrome. It is currently in remission, but I tend to have flare ups now and then.) It is also a necessary ingredient for self confidence, and even true happiness! I find that I am already gently reminding my children to remain true to themselves and to stop being so concerned with what others have. I do this by pointing out the wonderful qualities that they possess, and reminding them that the world is a much more interesting place because we are all bringing different things to the table. My philosophy boils down to this: God created each of us individually; one at a time, with wonderfully unique traits, physicalities, quirks, thought processes, likes and dislikes that are unique to us. Though we may share similarities with friends and family members, we are all individual works of art! Unfortunately, the world seems to suggest that conforming, and following are two really important characteristics to have. While I will agree, it is necessary to conform to laws, rules and regulations in order to keep things running smoothly, I disagree that we should “follow” and place so much attention on what celebrities, sports figures and even our friends are doing. The whole social media concept of “following” has it’s roots in looking to others for acceptance and approval. I sort of struggle with this daily, in trying to build my blog, and readership. I blog because I love it, even without a huge following. I love my readers and I am so thankful for all 16 of you! ☺ And that is what this post boils down to. My message to myself and others is simply this: Be your own Master of Approval. If you believe in a higher power, as I do, seek your approval from God first! Once you have His approval and your own, acceptance and approval from others will just be icing on the cake! (and who doesn’t like a little icing now and then:)

Are you waiting for someone else to give you what you already have?

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