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Subliminal Desires: Hammock in Living Room . . .

Screen shot 2014-01-18 at 7.59.00 AM


So I’ve had this desire since I was a child . . . to have a hammock in my room. There have been lots of desires over the years, some I still harbor and vow to see through to fruition; to reside in a tree house, to live overseas for a year, to have a workable fireman’s pole from my bedroom to the kitchen . . . my original thinking was easy access to midnight snacks. (I see now that this is a horrible idea weight-wise). But I digress . . . Bottom line is, I have known for years that I NEED to live in a loft. All my kooky spacious desires could be fulfilled if I were to reside industrially. And then I saw this image. How tastefully done this hammock is! This hammock could be hanging in a loft, a brownstone or even a single family home! And so the subliminal desire sees light! If done right, I might very well be able to have my hammock and swing in it too, even if I have to wait a while for that loft. ☺

Happy Saturday! Keep those dreams alive!!!

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