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January Things . . .

photo shoot prep last week . . .

How are you guys? How were your holidays? January is in full swing and moving full steam ahead. I’ve been working hard on several projects that will ultimately result in a subtle restructuring of my business. It’s both exciting and slightly nerve wracking, but such is life. Sometimes that’s how change feels, and its not necessarily a bad thing. I’m a firm believer that many of us need to spend more time outside of our comfort zones, because that’s the place where you experience the most growth . . . and I’m all about growth . . . unless we are talking waistlines, and after the holidays, thats something thats been on my stomach mind as well. But I digress! I’ll be checking back in soon with more updates, as well as previews of the new collection. Take care of yourselves out there!


Shadow Play . . .


Wednesday means we are half way through the week! It’s parent conference week at school for the kids. So that means a full week of 1/2 days for the kiddies. They love it, of course, but by the time I get home from dropping them off and running errands, its time to head back out to pick them up again. Translation: Mama ain’t gettin’ alot accomplished this week! I’m really trying to go with the flow, just seems there is a lot that needs to be taken care of before we get outta Dodge. Rob and I are heading up north for my annual Birthday Getaway later this week. I always look forward to and cherish these trips. It gives us a little time to reconnect and have new experiences on “foreign” soil in more relaxed atmosphere. And when we get back, guess what?! We will be hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year! I’m really looking forward to having family and friends over. I love November. This time of year just makes my heart sing.

Do you have any special plans for the holidays?



National Best Friends Day!

National Best Friends Day | Ayanna Listenbee for THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSPHY While I haven’t used the term “best friend” since high school, there is never a bad time to celebrate your best friends, and closest confidants! Today happens to be June 8th, National Best Friend’s Day, and I was inspired to create this drawing because of it. True friendship is a gift, so reach out to your homegirls and tell them how much they mean to you! We don’t need a special day to do that now do we? :)



Sweet October . . .

Sweet_October_thelookbookphilosophy.com Although it doesn’t feel like it in these parts, October is upon us! This is truly my favorite time of year. Leaves changing . . . (what little there are left after this drought) air getting cooler . . . (hoping for it to anyway, it’s 82° today) . . . thoughts of the holidays, time with family and preparations are starting to fill my mind. I’m ready for the change. I’m hopeful for the happiness and eager for the progression of my business to continue. Welcome to October guys, I hope it’s going to be a fabulous month for you all!!


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