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Werkspace Wednesdays | How to Revamp Your Workspace with Color!

HowToRevampWorspacewColor_thelookbookphilosophy.com I recently revamped my workspace. It was a small upgrade, I just added a little color pop to the area around my desk as a way to brighten things up and get a little better organized. My thought was that if I make the space a little more inviting, it might help me to keep from piling laundry on my desk and leaving my shoes scattered on the floor around my desk chair when searching for what to wear that morning . . .  :/  #bedroomofficeproblems

Werkspace2 I also thought that if I added a pop of color to my workspace it would help to pull all of the black and white together. I love the color turquoise so I decided that that turquoise would be my main accent color and fuchsia would be my secondary accent color. I bought two turquoise faux leather trays to keep some of my supplies in. They were both under $20 each. I got one at Marshall’s and the other at Homegoods (#fabfound!). I LOVE those two stores. I always find something amazing to walk out with. Good for the home or closet, not necessarily good for the wallet, Lol!

werkspace16_thelookbookphilosophy.com Werkspace3 I purchased a few black and white striped place mats at Ikea. I love black and white stripes. The place mats make for great tray liners. Best of all they were only $1.50 a piece! I used the other one to keep under my laptop. I like the bold pattern and contrast it brings to my desk. I’m thinking these would probably make great drawer liners as well . . .

Werkspace9 I love bulletin boards, and use them religiously. They are very helpful for keeping inspiration images, swatches and notes at hand. When I move my office space out of my bedroom, I will dedicate at least one full wall as mood board space. For now I have small framed bulletin boards, which allow me to remain mobile, in case I want to work downstairs or switch things up a bit.  I have a black one and a white one, they are both from Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby has a good art supply section and great little things for the home. (They pretty much have everything from fabric to furniture, I can easily spend hours in there…) Best of all, they have a weekly coupon that you can get through their mobile app, and online, which will give you 40% off any full price item. I already had my black bulletin board, but I found the white one on sale last week for $17 (regular price was $40!)

werkspace15_thelookbookphilosophy.com office_tlbp.com My Massimo Vignelli Perpetual Calendar has been with me through 3 office moves. I’ve had it since before my kids were born! I love it so much. It is the definition of minimal chic as far as calendars go in my book . . . Massimo Vignelli was a design genius. He passed away last week, but his talent will live on in the beauty and simplicity of his creations. He contributed so much beauty to the world through his designs. He is the man behind the design of NYC’s subway signage, as well as the American Airline’s logo. I really love and admire his work . . .

Dress_door1 werkspace13a_thelookbookphilosophy.com

One thing I love to do in my work area is keep pretty things around me, or things I love that make me feel good when looking at them. For instance, a pretty pair of shoes, or a scarf or even a dress! Since I work from home and my office is in my bedroom, this is not hard for me to do. Since I find that I have limited “me” time, I’ve gotten in the habit of keeping nail polish at my desk. I like the way they look when kept in pretty bowls, and keeping them nearby allows me to do quick touch ups while I am at my desk. Multi-tasking at it’s finest! When the weather is nice I like to keep the deck door open to take advantage of the summer breezes. Hanging up a pretty dress or item of clothing that I love helps to give the room a different vibe. You can do the same in your workspace. Can you think of anything  you could add to your surroundings to change up your mood?

If you are looking to revamp your workspace you can find similar items below . . .


1. Black Framed Bulletin Board | 2. Massimo Vignelli Perpetual Wall Calendar 3. Turquoise Painted Wood Tray 4. Ljuda Black + White Striped Placemat


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