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2017 is Here!

happy-new-year-2017_thelookbookphilosophy.com 2017 is here guys!!! It’s been a long time coming . . . a whole 365 days in fact!  It always feels good to walk into a new year of life. Especially with health and family in tact. I don’t make resolutions anymore, but I do keep a list of things I am always working on in regards to myself; physically + mentally, my family and my business. Nevertheless, I can’t discount that wonderful feeling of newness and fresh-starts that seems to swirl around the start of every new year. I love that feeling! One thing I’ve learned over the years is that if you really want to see change or create new atmospheres in your life, it all begins with your mind. And if you are looking at the beginning of the new year as a jumping off point, bringing old mindsets into the new year with you won’t help you achieve the change you want to see. So on that note, I’m grabbing a glass and sending up the proverbial cheers to new mindsets and progression toward major goal crushing this year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ????????

WELCOME 2014:: I’ve Been Waiting for You!!!


2013 was a hard year for me. Business-wise I started off on a high note, and seemingly ended flat on my ass. (Excuse my French). Of course I know the final chapter has not been written, and happily,  I am ready to put pen to paper to write it. Family-wise, we lost my Father-in-Law unexpectedly, and that brought the fragility of life into the forefront of our minds.

This year was full of so many major changes! My son got his first pair of glasses and joined his first sports team. My daughter was in not one, but 2 girl scout groups and is blossoming into a wonderful artist and ballerina. There was progress in 2013, I can’t deny it. And now, this morning, 2014 greeted me bright and sunny, as I awoke from the memory of last year. I’m happy  you’re here 2014!! I know God has lots in store for us, and I am open, willing, and ready to walk hand in hand with Him. I am excited at the opportunities that lie before me. Those that I create, and those that are created for me.

2014, You are definitely welcome here!!!

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