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Last Nine 3/9/19-3/20/19

Welcome to Spring! Can you believe it’s March already? It’s been a minute since I popped in. Things have been¬† busy as usual, but going well.¬† I’ve been slowly adjusting to working from home. All I can say is that God is working on strengthening my patience. I set up a tiny desk right next to the kids desks (pray for me!).

Last 9 from left to right::

  • met up with a like minded creative i’ve been following on IG for the last 3 or 4 years. So fun finding out you have so much in common with others! We met for a bite to eat in Venice @ Great White. Lovely decor + vibe.
  • Large Bali Tassel in Orchid. Not available on website. Email for purchase. Limited quantities. orders@ayannalistenbee.com
  • Saturday Zip Pouch in Oyster with new short Cheetah Solana Strap
  • I love this quote about growth from Jay Shetty, he’s always droppin’ gems.
  • started journaling again. I decided not to put pressure on myself. Some days it’s only one word, some days its a phrase, and some days its a paragraph. Learning to let it go + let it flow ;)
  • The Bali Tassel + Mini Bali keychain in black pebble shiny. The mini in black pebble shiny sold out the day after I posted it!
  • The Prosperer Duffle is going live on the site next week for those of you who’ve been asking!
  • Mini Bali Keychains in orchid, black + white snake and gunmetal. Limited quantity available.
  • Sitting in traffic @ rush hour; I love the architecture and character of the old brick buildings in DTLA. At least there’s always something interesting to look at… (the upside of street traffic?)

Hope you are all adjusting to the time change!


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