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Massimo Vignelli, Design Master . . . 1931-2014

vignelli__full 2 Massimo + Lella Vignelli of Vignelli Associates | Image via

One of my favorite designers, Massimo Vignelli, passed away earlier this week. Massimo’s design contributions are numerous. Most notably, NYC’s subway signage, the Bloomingdales logo and American Airlines’ logo as well. He and his wife started their NYC design studio Vignelli Associates, in 1971, where they worked together for over 50 years! (You gotta admire the fact that they were married and worked together for the majority of their lives. Now that shows a lot of love and respect for each other! ♥) Their work includes design contributions in the field of package design, housewares and furniture.

Here are some of My favorite Vignelli contributions to our daily life . . .

vignelli-handkerchief-chair216-high-1-b 2

The Handkerchief chair. There were a few styles of this chair, some with arm rests as well. To see more versions or to purchase click here and here.


The infamous Bloomie’s logo . . . image via Kingy Design History


A 1972 version of a NYC Subway Map designed by Massimo. Still looks extremely modern.| image via


NYC Subway signage | image via Design Assembly  I Love the city’s subway signage and photograph it whenever I go to NYC . . . which sadly, is not often enough . . .


One of my favs, the Stendig Calendar (image via). To purchase or sign up for the wait list for the 2015 calendars click here.

I truly love the simplicity and boldness of Vignelli’s designs. He helped to bring beauty to the things we see and use every day. Something I am a major proponent of.

To read more about Vignelli’s life and works click here, here or here. To learn more about the film “Design is One” based on Massimo and Lella’s life of design, click here.

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Randomocities | The 8th Day . . .

Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 12.06.14 PM

Hello friends + Happy Friday to you! I’m just touching base to share a piece of artwork I made earlier this week. I thought today would be perfect for sharing it, seeing as today is March 8th. Lover of typography that I am, I have always been in love with the number 8. I love writing the #8. I even like the way “eight” sounds. It can be written in so many different ways. Lopsided, straight up and down, fat like a snowman . . . the list goes on. Anyway, years ago when I was in school for graphic design we had to choose a letter of the alphabet and create a piece of artwork to show movement. I chose the lowercase letter “g” because it was the letter that most resembled the number 8! . . . Not to take away from Mr. G. He is a beauty in his own right. Just look at those lines . . . . g g g . . . Love. Love. Love.  . . . . but I digress . . . This piece is using the #8 in different fonts. Again the focus is movement. A recurring word in my life right now!!

Enjoy this 8th day of March, my friends.  I hope it is being good to you + vice versa!

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