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January Things . . .

photo shoot prep last week . . .

How are you guys? How were your holidays? January is in full swing and moving full steam ahead. I’ve been working hard on several projects that will ultimately result in a subtle restructuring of my business. It’s both exciting and slightly nerve wracking, but such is life. Sometimes that’s how change feels, and its not necessarily a bad thing. I’m a firm believer that many of us need to spend more time outside of our comfort zones, because that’s the place where you experience the most growth . . . and I’m all about growth . . . unless we are talking waistlines, and after the holidays, thats something thats been on my stomach mind as well. But I digress! I’ll be checking back in soon with more updates, as well as previews of the new collection. Take care of yourselves out there!


Ruthie Ridley for #ALCMyWay

Ruthie Ridley carries the Celeste Mailer Clutch

Ruthie Ridley carries the Celeste Mailer Clutch

Hey guys! Let me introduce you to our first #ALCMyWay Style Icon, Ruthie Ridley, a wonderfully stylish blogger, wife and mother of 3 beautiful children. I met Ruthie via instagram and was immediately attracted to her style, her love of God, fashion and life. Ruthie styled the new Celeste Mailer Clutch and did a write up on Ayanna Listenbee Collection Click here to read more.

Have a great Wednesday + Keep it stylish!



#ALCMyWay : Modern Style Icons Series

ALCMyWay_ayanna_listenbee_collection_style Today I am launching a longterm campaign called #ALCMyWay which features modern and respected style icons while celebrating their one of a kind take on styling the classic clutches and handbags from our line. Read below to find out a little more about the series . . .


I am passionate about the deeper layers of style. I wanted to create a campaign that reflects that. I am a spiritual creative and I honestly think it completely undermines God’s creativity when we all end up looking the same. SO even though we may be attracted to the same pieces, I love to celebrate the art of styling them differently than our counterparts. Our style is one of the few things we can attempt to control, so the “how” and “why” we style things the way we do speaks a lot to the deeper layers of the woman.


The philosophy of my line is rooted in beauty, individuality, and the resulting stories that style statement pieces can create when expressing that. I love it when handbags are passed down fro mother to daughter. I love when I can pull out a scarf and remember my mother doing the same as I watched her dress when I was a child. I love when a woman can pull out a piece of clothing and remember what happened while she wore it. While some may see fashion as superficial, I believe it plays such a memorable roll in the backdrop of our lives and memories. Seeing the deeper meaning attached to a woman’s style choices makes my heart happy. Hearing why someone chooses to put what they put in the  bag, how they feel when they wear a bag they feel confident about, or even how the bag influenced their outfit choice . . . I’m just fascinated by that. Those are the things I think about when making the bags. I care about the woman who the bag will eventually belong to.


One of the reasons I started in design was because I didn’t like seeing the same outfits everywhere I went. I loved having things that were different. Most of my bags are limited editions because I like to keep things interesting. I believe that how the bags are made are part of the overall story of the piece. i want them to feel like a treasure to the women who invest in them. Our silhouettes are classic which makes them timeless. Changing out colors and textures on timeless silhouettes gives the styles new life. It also allows me to frequently add in new designs based on inspiration from my travels and life in general.

Follow along and meet our style icons here on and via instagram (where I spend obscene amounts of time @ayannalistenbee).


#OOTD Style Inspo:: Pattern Mixing . . .

Mix + Match Pattern Styles for Spring . . .

Consider this:: Mix + Match pattern styles for Spring . . .

So I guess I just need to face the fact that Spring is here. The trees outside my window are finally full again with big, beautiful, fresh green leaves. Birds are chirping, and butterflies are flitting about. Albeit, I never got the winter I so desired (El Nino, anyone?) I am glad to see the flowers and leaves return. In honor of the springtime feeling that is in the air (at least here in Cali) I put together this #ootd style inspo for pattern mixing. There’s nothing that gets me more in the mood for a season than choosing the clothes to wear during it, LOL. Hope this inspires you to take a few chances with patterns in your wardrobe this season!

Would you wear these items together?

Haight Fringe Clutch now available at Taylor Jay Collection . . .


As of this month, select pieces of Ayanna Listenbee Collection, including the Haight Fringe Crossbody Clutch, are now available at Taylor Jay Collection. Taylor Jay Collection is located at 3843 MacArthur Blvd, in the Laurel District of Oakland, CA. Check them out if you happen to be in the area! Taylor has her own eponymous collection of beautiful jersey separates that you will definitely want to adopt into your wardrobe as well!

It’s Wednesday! Only 2 more days until the weekend!!


Note: pom sold separately. Pom’s will be available on the ayannalistenbee.com website next month. :)

New Series :: WHAT I WISH I WAS WEARING + a Favor to Ask . . .

What I Wish I Was Wearing So last week I was inspired to do a sketch for Mood Board Monday instead of an actual mood board. After I posted it, it made me think about something. Long ago, when I was designing for my clothing line, I would often sketch items that I “wished” I had in my closet for upcoming events or just to wear on the daily. I would then make the items I sketched which is how I started freelancing and doing custom work on the side. Lately, I’ve been wanting to draw more, but I’ve been feeling really unmotivated, so I was trying to think of ways to make it more fun, and to hold myself accountable . . .

I thought this would be a good space to share What I WISH I Was Wearing (#wiwiww) every so often. I’m thinking to make it a bi-weekly or bi-monthly series (which shouldn’t be hard to do, seeing as I always WISH I was wearing something that absolutely does not exist in my own personal closet– or at least that’s how it feels!) . . .

And that brings me to  the favor I wanted to ask of you . . .

In an act of accountability, and to add a little more fun to the pot, I wanted to ask you guys to supply me with imaginary destinations with which to wear my imaginary outfits . . . In other words, if you have any ideas of events, or destinations I could go to (in my head, of course) that would serve as inspiration for the design of the outfits, please put them in the comment box below and I will select  destinations and add the designs inspired by them into the series.

I have a brunch coming up in two weeks so that will be the first destination for the next #WIWIWW sketch . . .

stay tuned! + thanks  in advance for your destination ideas!


The Inspirational Woman Project by Bri Seeley . . .


lotsa laughs with designer, Tanya Cardoso + photographer Emanja Alleyne | 11.16.14

So you may or may not know that I participated in a video shoot for Bri Seeley’s Inspirational Woman Project a few weeks back. I first met Bri (who is also an amazing designer) this past summer when I covered the Ballet Preljocaj at the Dorothy Chandler Music Center. Well about 2 weeks ago I spent the day with Bri and about 12 other amazing women. It was a fun day of shooting, laughing, talking and discussing what we love about being women. I am so on board with the mission of this project, that it was really an honor to be a part of the video shoot. I feel like it truly embodies my whole belief system.  If you haven’t yet heard of it, “The Inspirational Woman Project is a movement dedicated to women finding their inner power of inspiration.” I love the mission behind this project which emphasizes women encouraging each other to be their best selves, and in that, coming together with other women to create positive change in the world around us. I mean how fantastic is that?

You can read more about The Inspirational Women Project here. And purchase the Inspirational Women Project coffee table book that started the movement here. 15% of the proceeds from the book go to benefit Women Empowered.



image credit:: Ralph Acosta / bythehandsofralph.com | Briseeley.com

My Uniform . . .

My Uniform_thelookbookphilosophy.com wearing:: Uniqlo cargo skinnies (sold out) similar here | random off shoulder T | Jessica Bennett croc stud sandals (sold out) similar here | ayanna listenbee Allegra Hobo (previous season) 

As much as I love fashion and trying new things, I realized something as I was getting dressed this morning. I love a good uniform. By uniform, I mean that I have learned what types of clothes look good on my body type, and what types of clothes I feel most comfortable and powerful in. Oftentimes my choice of dress depends on the types of activities staring back at me from my TO DO list that day. But generally, I gravitate toward one of my many uniforms when selecting what to wear. One of my favorite go-to outfits is a great pair of skinnies, an off the shoulder shirt, heels and a great bag. Oh, and a stack of bracelets and rings. Works for me every time. I always feel ready to take on what life has to offer in this uniform. Heels really do that for me. I never really feel dressed enough, unless I am wearing a pair of heels… of course that depends on where I am going and what I am doing that day. I’m not the type to shop in heels or even run errands in heels, but when I’ve got somewhere else to go, they give me life. So does a great bag. I’m really into big slouchy bags and soft cross body bags right now. In the image above I am carrying my Allegra Hobo in chocoloate suede. I love her because she has these great gold rivets on the handle and fringe with gold bells. I love a little movement in my clothes. So, what is your favorite YOU-niform? Share in the comments below!


Oscar De La Renta 1939-2014


I love this quote by Oscar De La Renta. There is so much truth in these few words. You have to see what you want, commit to it and work towards it every day. Anyone who has ever seen or had the privilege of wearing an Oscar De La Renta gown, can see that Mr. De La Renta was a man of vision and commitment to his craft. He designed and created beautiful gowns for women the world over, and has dressed every first lady since Jacqueline Kennedy. I’m thankful for the beauty Oscar De La Renta added to this world through fashion, and for the inspiration he was, and continues to be, for the many designers who have come after him.


Label Love | Maticevski Spring 2015


I recently discovered Toni Maticevski, the Australian based designer behind the Maticevski label. Talk about love at first sight!! Maticevski’s pieces are works of art in their own right. He pushes the boundaries of form and function by creating beautiful silhouettes comprised of different textures, surface treatments and skilled cutting. I love his use of color for the spring 2015 collection. Soft muted tones of gray, chartreuse and crisp whites with shiny jet black are some of the colors used in this collection.

Maticevski_033_1366 Maticevski_007_1366 Maticevski_016_1366 Maticevski_015_1366 Maticevski_014_1366 Maticevski_004_1366 Maticevski_021_1366 Maticevski_022_1366 Maticevski_023_1366 Maticevski_010_1366 Maticevski_029_1366 Maticevski_026_1366 Maticevski_025_1366 Maticevski_032_1366 I loved every piece in this collection, as well as they styling of this line. Toni Maticevski also creates bridal gowns and other bespoke pieces in limited editions. For more information about Toni Maticevski, or to view more of his beautiful work, click here.

images via style.com


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