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Life in Contrast . . . .


October is swiftly coming to a close. Unfortunately, the weather here hasn’t quite reconciled itself to the fact that we are in our second month of Fall. I am yearning for cooler weather, boots + sweaters, and nights by the fireplace!

What’s your favorite time of year? Are you a summer lover, or does Spring make you sing? Do you love Fall or is Winter your thing?


Mood Board Monday | Fallish . . .


Today’s Mood Board Monday inspirations come from the fact that I’m feelin’ a little Fallish. We are 2 weeks into September and today is the first really overcast day that I can remember in a long time. There’s even a 50% chance of rain! ☁☂☁ I am actually really excited. Though I doubt we will get the rain, the clouds go hand in hand with my longing for Autumn. At least, if only for today, it doesn’t look like its 99 degrees outside, even if it is. . .

Today is my daughter’s 8th birthday! I CAN NOT believe it’s been 8 years since she blessed us with her presence. She is honestly one of the sweetest and funniest people I know. I’m so thankful God sent her to us. But I digress! It’s fashion week in NYC. Have you been keeping up with the latest designs on the catwalk? I ‘ll have a few quick picks for you tomorrow. I hope you are all having a superb Monday.



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Colors of the Season . . .


Snapped this picture on the sidewalk outside of mi casa the other day. I used it for day 3 of the December Photo Challenge that some friends and I are doing on Instagram. I  could go on and on about my addiction to Instagram . . . but I digress . .  anyway, if you are up for it, join us in the challenge! It’s a great way to push yourself to take different kinds of pictures and fun to see how everyone else does it. One of my favorite things about this time of the year is the changing of the leaves on the trees. It’s not quite the same here in Southern Cali as it is in other parts of the country, but I thank God for the glimpses of it that I do see!! Luckily I have 4 Birch trees on the side of my home. (at least I think they are Birch trees . . .) They go through a magnificent color change every year and the kids and I love to watch their progression from green, to red, orange to yellow and then brown every year.  There is such beauty in transition!

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