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Thankful Thursdays: The Gift of Blogging

Life is such a blessing! I am in awe of the people and ideas I come across in my traipses through the blogosphere. The world of blogging is bringing me in contact with other like-minded women who are spreading their gifts of inspiration, encouragement and dialogue one post at a time. I find it hard not to delight in the recognition that we are able to create a community of support, open dialogue on issues that touch our hearts, and encouragement toward the following of our passions. Those were three of my personal goals for starting this blog, and today I am thankful that I can see it taking place before my eyes!!! This week I was blessed to stumble upon three blog posts that touched me. Neki Bosh, of they’rejustclothes.com, presented beautiful photos and posed a question that is very near and dear to my heart in her post on Black Fashion History-Black Beauty Icons. Maylana, of Maylana’s Closet had me talking out loud to my screen in agreement with her post, Leave Adele Alone . . .  and stumbling across Clutterbox Creative’s illustrations and reading about her journey to follow her passion made me reach out to her, because I could relate to the decision of finally deciding to JUST DO IT!!! (The fact that I fell in love with her illustrations was icing on the cake!) Well, today I want to thank each of these women for touching my lives by just being themselves. It is a great thing to note that you don’t have to be famous, you don’t have to fit into the stereotypes our society has placed before us, and you don’t have to have a lot of money. The beauty of blogging, and life in general, is that we can touch people through our own circles of influence, and blogging can be a wonderful way to enlarge the territory of your circle.

What have you been touched by this week?

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