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Cuff Love . . .

Yves Saint Laurent Black Mamba Gold-Plated Snakeskin-effect Cuff

Philippe Audibert Uma Cuff

Eddie Borgo Silver Plated Turquoise Cone Bracelet

Oscar de la Renta Gold-Plated Link Bracelet

Aurelie Bidermann 18k Gold-Dipped Lace Cuff

Philippe Audibert Wollaston Cuff

Etro Celtic Brass Cuff

Yves Saint Laurent Stingray-effect Chain Cuff

I fear my love of cuffs has betrayed me with this 8 image post! I couldn’t resist. Accessorizing with jewelry is a wonderful way to let your personality speak through your wardrobe. These beautiful pieces have the ability to take an outfit to a completely different level. Find more treasures here.

Instantaneous Obsession: Eddie Borgo Turquoise Spike Earrings

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, these beautiful silver plated turquoise spike earrings by Eddie Borgo. Turquoise is one of my fav stones, but I honestly do not understand why, as beautiful as it is, we mostly only see turquoise in the vivid blues we have come to know and love!– Wait, I take that back, perhaps the yellow, green and coral shades of turquoise are more rare. I need to look into that before I get all bent out of shape for only being given slim pickings in my turquoise selections! . . . Anyway, these beauties are sure to kick any outfit up a notch. Purchase them here.

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