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Keep Dreaming . . .

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Snapped this dreamy shot on our after school trip to Mt. Baldy last week. As much as I complain about the California heat, it really is an amazing state. I feel so blessed to have both the beach + the mountains in my backyard. It truly is a wonderful thing + the perfect catalyst for inspiration! Happy Wednesday!

Always remember to dream + dream big!!!

Dream Sharing . . .

I am sharing this image because I think it is important to keep our dreams in front of us. I also think it is important, and necessary, to speak our desires into being.  I came across this picture this morning, and for me, it represents what I want my corporate offices to look like. When I visualize the future of my company, I see a tranquil building, quite similar to this one. I see women, and men, coming to work, happy to be there, and ready to work together at a company who sees the value in it’s employees. I see a team of people building and working together, laughing, learning and creating beautiful things for the world to enjoy.

How do you see your future?

Image via archdaily.com

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