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Let’s Celebrate Love Every Day! ♡

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I’m from the camp that love should be celebrated everyday, so holidays like Valentine’s Day don’t mean much to me. I think it’s so important to celebrate love in the smallest things. Bouquet’s of flowers are great, candy is nice, but the words that actually let people know you love and care about them are the most important thing. This past week I lost two people who meant a lot to me. Grieving is a funny thing, you never know exactly how you will be effected by losing a loved one. Unfortunately, losing someone close to you highlights the fact that it’s important to celebrate life + the love you have for each other when and wherever possible. Last week I decorated the studio windows with a subtle tribute to the spirit of love, which you can never have enough of . . . unless it’s a crazy, obsessed, overbearing kind of love . .  but I think that is a subject for a different blog post. 😳  Carry on! ;)

Happy Love Day!

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