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DA+FE | Designers, Artists + Fashion Entrepreneur Spotlight

TLBP_EDAFE SPOTLIGHT One of the best and most rewarding sources of inspiration for me are the people around me. Local designers, artists, photographers and fashion entrepreneurs. Real people who are getting up and going to work (or bedside desk) where they put in countless hours creating, building, crafting and curating their dreams. Many of them are students, mothers and people with “real jobs” that are building their dreams on the side. There is so much we can learn from each other by sharing our stories. My undying passion for fashion, design, and encouraging others, has lead me to create the Designers, Artists & Fashion Entrepreneur Spotlight (DA+FE Spotlight) feature to give you guys the opportunity to learn about creatives in fashion and fashion related industries. Regardless of our chosen fields, each of us has success stories, milestones reached, and goals accomplished that can be inspiring to others on a similar path. Part of the mission of THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY is to foster creativity while encouraging women to follow their dreams and create the lives they want to live. My goal for the DA+FE Spotlight is to highlight the women (and sometimes men) behind the dream, in the hopes that you will learn about the artist’s journey and what encourages them to work hard at fulfilling their vision day to day. I hope that sharing the paths others have taken will be inspiring to you as you continue working toward your own goals. #keepmoving



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