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Floor Boarding . . . A Quick Inspiration Grab

working with muted pastels, rich amber tones + icy blues . . .

A few things inspiring me right now:: 

  • amber
  • earthy, muted pastels
  • icy blues
  • soft gold
  • signatures in blotchy ink
  • classic patterns with a nod to nature; like tortoise shell
  • the beauty of dark skin

What’s inspiring you?

Happy Thursday peops!


How’s Your Week Going?

Today . . .

How’s your week going so far? I’ve enjoyed having back to back Mondays off. The kids were out of school the past two Mondays and Rob was off as well. I love how 3-day weekends pack a double bonus…. first you get a day off, then you follow that up with a short work week. Problem is, I always seem to go through the week a day off. For instance, I didn’t post on time today, which is my usual day to post, because I’m still thinking it’s Tuesday! But I digress… Things have been going well. I’m definitely keeping busy with production and delivery which is a true blessing. I’ve got a new contractor that I am working with and things seem to be going quite well. I was getting so many orders for the Mailer clutches that I had to farm out production. I was truly enjoying making them myself, but with all the hats I am wearing at the moment, I realized that I had to let go of what I could. This has been an ongoing lesson for me . . . learning to let go and delegate where necessary. I tend to think I can do it all myself. Moreover, I almost want to do it all myself. It’s been a slow process but I’m learning that the beauty of letting go of some of your tasks is that it allows you to have time to devote to other things.

Is there anything in your life you can delegate, which will in turn, free you up to focus on other things? Think about it . . .

We Like Options . . . | The Renaissance Crossbody Convertible Clutch

Rennaisance clutch | Ayanna Listenbee Collection

Renaissance Cross-body Convertible Clutch | Ayanna Listenbee Collection

This photo evokes feelings of cooler weather and layered dressing for me. I am really looking forward to being able to wear more clothes! Or at least having the option to! I love having options, don’t you? One of the things I love about the Renaissance clutch is that it gives you options. This amazing little bag can be worn 3 different ways:

using the strap at full length as seen in the photo above

sans strap

with a short strap

Rennaissance Clutch | Ayanna Listenbee Collection
I strive to add versatility to my designs and convertible straps is one of the ways I love to incorporate options. Click the Shop! button above or visit AYANNALISTENBEE.COM to learn more!

Have a great Monday!!


Press | Closetpiece Interview . . .

Images from my ClosetPiece Interview . . .

Images from my interview with ClosetPiece.com . . .

Hey guys! I was recently featured as the first entrepreneur interview over on Closetpiece.com for their new “Yeah, She Werkin’ ” series which features women who have turned their passion into a business. Here is a snippet from my interview::

What is it you do that puts the “werk” in “Yeah, She Werkin”?

“I’ve had some major setbacks during the course of my business, and some of them took a while to bounce back from. So I would say my daily persistence and dedication toward seeing the vision for my business, that God has blessed me with, come through to fruition is what puts the work in “Yeah, She Werkin”. For me, it’s a daily, minutely, second-by-second commitment to myself that I am going to persist, regardless of what the circumstances may look like on the outside.”

Please visit Closetpiece.com to check out the full interview and support the other fabulous women that Closetpiece is featuring on their site!


The Inspirational Woman Project by Bri Seeley . . .


lotsa laughs with designer, Tanya Cardoso + photographer Emanja Alleyne | 11.16.14

So you may or may not know that I participated in a video shoot for Bri Seeley’s Inspirational Woman Project a few weeks back. I first met Bri (who is also an amazing designer) this past summer when I covered the Ballet Preljocaj at the Dorothy Chandler Music Center. Well about 2 weeks ago I spent the day with Bri and about 12 other amazing women. It was a fun day of shooting, laughing, talking and discussing what we love about being women. I am so on board with the mission of this project, that it was really an honor to be a part of the video shoot. I feel like it truly embodies my whole belief system.  If you haven’t yet heard of it, “The Inspirational Woman Project is a movement dedicated to women finding their inner power of inspiration.” I love the mission behind this project which emphasizes women encouraging each other to be their best selves, and in that, coming together with other women to create positive change in the world around us. I mean how fantastic is that?

You can read more about The Inspirational Women Project here. And purchase the Inspirational Women Project coffee table book that started the movement here. 15% of the proceeds from the book go to benefit Women Empowered.



image credit:: Ralph Acosta / bythehandsofralph.com | Briseeley.com

The Thing You Love to Do . . .


It’s Thursday, and I have been sitting at my desk working ever since the kids left for school. If I’ve calculated correctly, that means I have been sitting here for about 6 hours . .  give or take a few bathroom breaks and transitions to the floor to lay things out for better perspective. You want to know the beautiful part about that 6 hours? I didn’t even know time was passing. I couldn’t feel it. I was so thoroughly engrossed in the process of designing this collection, costing it, revising it and planning for it, that 6 hours feels more like 6 minutes. And now that I see what time has passed, I realize that it will soon be time to stop working so that I can go pick up the kiddies. And guess what, I don’t want to stop. I love working. I love what I do. I could do it every day and be content, and getting paid to do what you love to do is the blessed icing on the cake. Anywho, the point of this post is just a simple reminder. Find the thing you love to do and do it every day. If you haven’t found the thing you love to do, keep seeking it out. Think about those moments when you feel your happiest. What are you doing? Is it something that you can turn into a business? Is it something that you can do more of as a hobby? Whatever it is, figure out a way to incorporate more of it into your life. Your soul will thank you for it!

What are 3 things you love to do that make you happy? Tell me in the comments below!


Massimo Vignelli, Design Master . . . 1931-2014

vignelli__full 2 Massimo + Lella Vignelli of Vignelli Associates | Image via

One of my favorite designers, Massimo Vignelli, passed away earlier this week. Massimo’s design contributions are numerous. Most notably, NYC’s subway signage, the Bloomingdales logo and American Airlines’ logo as well. He and his wife started their NYC design studio Vignelli Associates, in 1971, where they worked together for over 50 years! (You gotta admire the fact that they were married and worked together for the majority of their lives. Now that shows a lot of love and respect for each other! ♥) Their work includes design contributions in the field of package design, housewares and furniture.

Here are some of My favorite Vignelli contributions to our daily life . . .

vignelli-handkerchief-chair216-high-1-b 2

The Handkerchief chair. There were a few styles of this chair, some with arm rests as well. To see more versions or to purchase click here and here.


The infamous Bloomie’s logo . . . image via Kingy Design History


A 1972 version of a NYC Subway Map designed by Massimo. Still looks extremely modern.| image via


NYC Subway signage | image via Design Assembly  I Love the city’s subway signage and photograph it whenever I go to NYC . . . which sadly, is not often enough . . .


One of my favs, the Stendig Calendar (image via). To purchase or sign up for the wait list for the 2015 calendars click here.

I truly love the simplicity and boldness of Vignelli’s designs. He helped to bring beauty to the things we see and use every day. Something I am a major proponent of.

To read more about Vignelli’s life and works click here, here or here. To learn more about the film “Design is One” based on Massimo and Lella’s life of design, click here.

Wht-Blk Bee-forblogsig

Mood Board Mondays: Motivational Grays + Black and White

TLBP_ColdSpringCollage all images via pinterest + personal archive

Well, things are finally getting back to normal. Today was the first day back to school for Rob and the kiddkes. And I am finally able to sit at my desk uninterrupted for a few hours. I use the term uninterrupted loosely. My mind has a bad habit of reminding me of the thousands of other things I could/should be doing around the house as soon as I sit down to work. But, I digress… we had a great holiday vacation, which actually seemed longer than the 2 weeks that it was (in a good way)! I am excited about things to come both business and work wise. Keep an eye out, I’m super excited that The LookBook Philosophy will be getting a new look soon. I’ve been wanting to change things up a bit, refine them if you will, and what better way to start the year off than with a new look?☺

Do you like today’s mood board? It’s another board I created to help with the direction of the new line. I’m excited to say that I am excited again about designing. It’s been a long slow road back, but I can’t wait to share the new bags with you! In the meantime, enjoy this fabulous Monday! Keep creating, being, and doing everything you can to get closer to your goals and dreams. It will all be worth it in the end!

Blog Sig-bee-Dakota-cropped

Note to Self . . . Baby Steps

TLBP-Do What You Can_wtr

This week has been really interesting, for lack of a better word.  I’m starting over from scratch researching new manufacturers for my handbag line. Honestly, the whole idea of beginning the process of negotiation and research feels overwhelming. Finding and vetting a manufacturer is really important, for obvious reasons. If you know my story, you know that even vetted manufacturers can prove to be unreliable. This week I started reaching out to domestic manufacturers and I actually saw myself getting in my own way! I recognized that I’ve been very sluggish to respond, I’ve not made calls that I should have, I found all kinds of reasons to do something other than the next task on my to-do list, and I even began questioning and re-questioning previous decisions I’d made regarding the direction of the line. All in all, I am tiring myself out mentally. A true case of self sabotage. I know that this is totally ridiculous, yet still I persist in my non-persistence! The crazy thing is that I recognize it, and am sitting front row center with the bag of proverbial popcorn watching the show. So, I decided to make a note to self of the wise words you see above. This is something my Dad has often told me. Instead of trying to figure everything out at once, detailing out the bigger picture before taking a step (yes, that is a specialty of mine), do what you can. Take baby steps where you are. With what you have. (Thank God there’s no limit on starting over! ☺)

Have you ever suffered from a case of self-sabotage? How did you get through it?

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November, November . . .

My brother, Jamahl, Uncle Welbie & me @ Liberty Island, New York circa 1977

I so love this time of year. When November hits, I know it’s finally on. Thanksgiving, my birthday, Fall weather . . . (we’re still waiting on that one…) I just love November! Even the sound of the word is comforting to me! I know it sounds strange, but that’s just the way it is for me. Still, it’s hard to believe October is behind us. Things seem to be moving by so quickly. This past week has been interesting, I’m sitting here trying to think of a word to describe it and all I can think of is “transitional.” One of my favorite uncles died last Friday. My heart is sad, but there is great comfort for me in knowing that he is not suffering anymore and that he is present with the Lord. I was introduced to photography by my Uncle Welbie. He was an avid photographer. He was always taking pictures and I was fascinated by his cameras and the photos he took. He always had the best stashes of family photos. As a child I secretly wanted to be a photographer like Uncle Welbie. I still have that desire. Anyway, I’ve been carrying a lot of memories of Uncle Welbie with me throughout the last few days. I still don’t quite know how to describe the words I am feeling.

Tomorrow I am having lunch with my sister Kara ♥. She is the president and one 1/2 of SFA Design, an amazing international luxury interior design firm. I had the pleasure of working for SFA a few years ago in their Santa Barbara location. It was a wonderful experience on many levels. Its funny to recognize how design is design no matter what the genre. Nevertheless, there are different ways to go about the design process, and I’ve been blessed enough to experience different aspects of both fashion and interior design first hand. Working in the interior design field really solidified my love of architecture, furnishings, finishes and all things interior. SFA has an LA office now and I’m excited to see how they have grown. I love growth. Can’t wait til the day I can have SFA lead my next Home ReDecor project!! Someday . . .☺

Well friends, God bless you on this sunny Monday. I hope you are making your day amazing. Command it to be so and believe that it will be!!!

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