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Thankful Thursdays: For the Love of BOOKS!!

There are many sources of inspiration in my life, but reading books and devouring magazines have always been direct sources for me. Right now I am reading 3 different books, and yesterday I just used the last of my Barnes & Noble birthday gift card on foreign fashion mags (LOVE. LOVE. LOVE./ADDICTED. ADDICTED. ADDICTED.) So today I am simply thankful for:

#1. Easy access to books as well as the ability to read whatever I want. A luxury that many people take for granted.

#2. Writers who share their stories, knowledge, perspective and imaginations with us.

This book was loaned to me by a dear friend and I just finished it a few days ago. “Heaven is for Real,” by Todd Burpo is an amazing account of of a little boy’s visit to heaven. This book took me through tears and laughter, amazement and excitement. An awesome book that provides hope for the unknown.

I am almost finished with this book. This is a wonderful read on the power of your words and how to begin creating the change you want to see in your life with the very words you speak. Recommended reading for anyone with a mouth.

“Same Kind of Different as Me” was recommended to me by my sister-in-law a few years ago. This book is so touching, and emotionally charged. It is a wonderful reminder of the power of love and friendship. I am about half way through this book, and it is very hard to put down. One thing I know thus far, is that whatever differences we may have as humans, LOVE and our need for it, is the tie that binds us.

Lastly, I am ever grateful for my beloved fashion mags. Through them I am able to travel to other continents, garner inspiration, learn about new ideas and be exposed to clothing, articles and ideas I might not otherwise come across in my daily journey.

What books and magazines do you garner inspiration from?

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