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Mood Board Monday | a sketch + a palette . . .

sometimes I draw myself as I see myself and it looks nothing like what I look like in the present . . .

sometimes I draw myself as I see myself and it looks nothing like what I look like in the present . . .

Mood Board Monday Palette | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY

a bright palette of colors for Spring w/ a little neutral thrown in for balance. . .

Hey guys, I sat down to create a mood board for you and ended up sketching what I wish I was wearing today . . .  Even though I don’t design clothes anymore, the desire to create came on strong and I just had to go with it, so this is what Mood Board Monday looks like today!
● ● ●
With summer rapidly approaching, I’m noticing that my tastes are leaning toward more prints and patterns as of late. I wear so much black and gray that I guess I am feeling a little rebellious and wanting to break out of my self imposed colorless prison. So today I created a palette that has a lot of white so that the pattern is not overwhelming, even though it is actually infused with color. The beige helps to keep it grounded and lets the brighter colors have a soft tone to pop against.

What do you think? Is this a palette you would wear? 


please note:: all artwork on this site is made by me unless otherwise noted. No artwork from this site may be used without my express written permission. 

Label Love: For the Love of Donna Karan . . .

Backstage Pass: top 6 images courtesy of From Me to You

I happen to think Donna Karan is one of the great womenswear designer’s of our time. Her aesthetic is something I can really relate to. I adore her use of color, texture and draping. I often gravitate to her clothes, and find myself wishing I had a closet full of her designs. The above photos are backstage images captured by Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg of the ever inspiring From Me to You blog. Below are images of Donna’s offerings for Spring 2013 from her recent showing last week during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week:

On the Catwalk: All images below via style.com

Keep it commin’ Donna!!! We love you!

Randomocities | Color/Texture Study


Love this image. The colors and different textures are subtly complementary. This could be the basis for a great fall outfit . . . or handbag!!!

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