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New Series :: WHAT I WISH I WAS WEARING + a Favor to Ask . . .

What I Wish I Was Wearing So last week I was inspired to do a sketch for Mood Board Monday instead of an actual mood board. After I posted it, it made me think about something. Long ago, when I was designing for my clothing line, I would often sketch items that I “wished” I had in my closet for upcoming events or just to wear on the daily. I would then make the items I sketched which is how I started freelancing and doing custom work on the side. Lately, I’ve been wanting to draw more, but I’ve been feeling really unmotivated, so I was trying to think of ways to make it more fun, and to hold myself accountable . . .

I thought this would be a good space to share What I WISH I Was Wearing (#wiwiww) every so often. I’m thinking to make it a bi-weekly or bi-monthly series (which shouldn’t be hard to do, seeing as I always WISH I was wearing something that absolutely does not exist in my own personal closet– or at least that’s how it feels!) . . .

And that brings me to  the favor I wanted to ask of you . . .

In an act of accountability, and to add a little more fun to the pot, I wanted to ask you guys to supply me with imaginary destinations with which to wear my imaginary outfits . . . In other words, if you have any ideas of events, or destinations I could go to (in my head, of course) that would serve as inspiration for the design of the outfits, please put them in the comment box below and I will select  destinations and add the designs inspired by them into the series.

I have a brunch coming up in two weeks so that will be the first destination for the next #WIWIWW sketch . . .

stay tuned! + thanks  in advance for your destination ideas!


Four Days of Gear . . .


 Saturday’s Destination: Disneyland

I always have a hard time when it comes to dressing for amusement parks. I always want to look cute, but because my feet are so “sensitive” I have to wear comfortable shoes, and usually comfortable means ugly. So all my cute outfits are generally not appropriate because they look ridiculous with a big old bubble gum tennis shoe. Anyway, this summer for trips to the amusement park, I opted for color to combat the wackness of my outfit. A bright lip and T can do wonders for the psyche!!!

chartreuse tank: Cynthia Rowley | off shoulder l/s T: Active Balance Collection | distressed denim leggings: Just USA Premium | shoes: Reebok Air Walk

Sunday’s Destination: Errands

My brother and niece stayed over Saturday night, and since we were out late, we skipped church. It got chilly that evening and I had to run a few errands so I donned my trench, grabbed my Chucks and called it a day. Simple and casual.

belted trench: Zara Basic | distressed denim leggings: Just USA Premium | shoes: Converse All Stars 

Monday’s Destination: Kid’s School, errands, working lunch

The heat returned, but I still needed to look decent because I had a working lunch date. I love these cropped capri pants I got @ H&M a few years back. They can dress up or down. I love wearing them with heels and a blazer, but I needed to be comfortable yet presentable for that day’s line up. I paired it with my Cynthia Rowley scoop neck T (she makes the most amazing T’s and tanks) and I was good to go from 8am-9pm. It was a Looonnngg Dayyyyyy!!!

cropped drawstring capri pants: H&M | Cynthia Rowley dolman sleeve T | raffia sandals: Banana Republic

Tuesday’s Destination: Kid’s School, Office work + Parent Teacher Conference

Wanted to look presentable for the Parent Teacher conference, but still be true to my own style. I chose my go-to H&M acid dye leggings and a studded sweater I found at Marshall’s. Marshall’s and TJ maxx are goldmine’s for me. They never fail me!

acid-dye leggings: H&M | studded wide knit sweater duster: Vertigo | draped tank: Forever 21 | metalllic bronze sandals: Isaac Mizrahi for Target

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