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Making a List and Checking it Twice . . .

So, I really feel strongly about focusing on the fact that Christmas is actually the celebration of Jesus’ birth. I won’t go all into my thoughts on the overmaterialization of Christmas… (is that a word? You know I love making up words…) But I do love the idea of giving as a way of celebrating. Rob and I usually don’t exchange Christmas gifts because we tend to put our focus on giving to the kiddies and the rest of the family, but that never stops me from keeping a wish list. It’s pretty tame this year, but here are a few things I’m looking to add to my stash in the near future . . .

  1. Souchi madame butterfly cashmere sweater . . . yep, uh huh . . .
  2. MICHAEL Michael Kors Metallic Zip Infinity Scarf . . .oh yea
  3. A pretty new lipstick . . . I’m loving poppy & orange colors right now. . . not so sure how that will look with braces tho, so I may have to hold off a bit . . .
  4. Sylva & Cie 18k Emerald Slice Drop Earrings . . . yummy ear candy . . .
  5. New black booties . . . I love the ones I found for the collage above, but forgot to take note who made them. If anyone knows, LMK!
  6. Bottega Veneta By Thomas Maier (one of my fav design houses, great coffee table book. Yep, desired.)
  7. Philip Lim 31 Hour Fold Over Bag . . . the weekender version of this will be my carry on for my next trip overseas . . .
  8. Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel . . . my supply is gettin’ low, I refuse to step toe to pavement without her!
  9. Handmade hammered gold stacking rings . . . I love these rings so much. Another pic from my files, I can’t remember where I found it ugh!
  10. Anything in a little box, wrapped up all pretty and tied with a bow. . . well, almost anything!

What goodies are on your wish list?

The Worn Identity: Greek Salad With a Side of Jazz!

Destination: Dinner & A Show

This weekend my Mom performed at a local Restaurant and Bar in Encino. Rob and I drove out to support her and were treated to a night of good music and yummy Mediterranean food. (I am a sucker for Greek salads and Shrimp Kabobs). My mom is a jazz singer and performs monthly at different venues. I am really proud of her. She has always loved to sing, but in recent years she has really begun pursuing her dream. I love the fact that she has never let her dream die, and after raising my brother and myself, and retiring from a tiring job, she now has the time and energy to further feed her passion.

Are there any dreams in your life that are dying to be fed?

I’m Just Plain Old Obsessed with __________________ :

Kelly Wearstler Printed Wool & Silk Scarf

Athena Procopiu Carmen Printed Scarf

Bottega Veneta Red Cashmere Silk Scarf

Kelly Wearstler Serpent Printed Wool & Silk Scarf

Vivienne Westwood Robot-Print Cotton & Silk Scarf

On any given day I can be obsessed with a number of things. Today, I chose to focus on scarves. I have been developing a very blatant love affair with scarves for the past few years. I became enamored with them when I was trying to loose the baby weight from my last pregnancy. I refused to purchase any new clothing in the rather large size I had become. Instead, I turned my focus to accessories, and scarves quickly became my favorite pick-me-up. A scarf can brighten an outfit instantly. It can add a pop of color or signal a wild streak. I am very particular about my scarves though. They must be long, and have great drape. And don’t get me started on infinity scarves, I will never allow those to go out of fashion. I am very passionate about my love of cowl necks and infinity scarves, but I digress… I tend to wear scarves year round, which can be hard to do in 100 degree weather, but if it’s not on my neck, it’s in my bag, just waiting for the moment the sun decides to take it down a thousand!

What are some of your favorite accessories?

Mood Board Mondays: The Stylish Shopper


The Stylish Shopper

Gotta hit the stores for a few more gifts today. This is what I would love to be wearing . . . sans the 5 1/2″ heels. (I was never good at shopping in heels!) However, I just love these Charlotte Olympia pumps! They are so festive I just had to throw them in. Now, I am off to my real closet to duplicate. I’ll let you know what I come up with!

What do you like to wear when shopping?

Label Love: Bottega Veneta Cruise ’11-12

Bottega Veneta is one of my favorite labels. The quality of their craftsmanship is impeccable. The literal translation of Bottega Veneta is “artisans workshop.” Hearing those words brings to mind images of old world artisans painstakingly toiling away at their craft, creating their signature intrecciato weave in supple leathers and exotic skins. Not only do they create beautiful clothes and accessories, they also do furniture and collaborate with artists from all walks for their Art of Collaboration and Special Projects series. Recently, BV unveiled their Cruise ’11-12 Line on their website. See my top picks below!


Find more of their treasures here.

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