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ClosetPIECE | BOSSMOM Collabo . . .

BossMom4 | Ayanna Listenbee

I love Instagram. I have met so many wonderful people via Insta. One of my more recent encounters was connecting with  Shah of ClosetPIECE.com. Shah + her partner + bff, Aliyah, have created a beautiful online space dedicated to promoting a culture of empowering women who are fashionable, “modern mommies.” How awesome is that? I relish the opportunity to support women who are following their passion, by creating viable businesses, and encouraging others along the way. I could feel Shah’s positive energy through our comments and subsequent emails.

I was recently given the opportunity to collaborate with ClosetPIECE and style one of their new BossMom T’s, and I was more than excited to do it. I love clothes, and having the ability to take an item of clothing and make it my own is one of the reasons I love fashion so much. I believe that our clothing is an external reflection of who we are + aspire to be, and that we should have fun with it! The BossMom T celebrates the many facets of who I am every day:  a mother, entrepreneur, designer, artist, sister, daughter + friend. Being successful in each of those areas is not always simultaneous, but it is what drives me.

Shah + Aliyah are both mother’s and I love that the spirit behind their site is based on the empowerment of women. They celebrate women who are able to maintain who they are through the “hustle + bustle of motherhood.”

To read the full article click here. To discover other BOSSMOM’s and learn more about what Shah + Aliyah are doing visit closetpiece.com.

BossMom3 | Ayanna Listenbee


images by the uber talented Loreta Washington

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