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Thankful Thursdays | Health, Wealth & Amazon . . .


 I’ve been sick for the past 2 days. Some kind of crazy stomach virus. Today I am feeling 100. Yay!!! God is good. I’m thankful to be back in business. And as a special perk-me-up, I received a fantabulous box of books via Amazon. I have a kindle fire, which is nice, but it does NOT in any way, shape or form compare to the actual weight, smell and feel of a book in hand. Especially a coffee table book, which is a flat out ruthless addiction of mine. An addiction that I am in no way trying to cure, mind you. Anyway, every once in a while I treat myself to a few books for inspiration purposes. When I am unable to travel, books serve as my tour guide to other territories. I’ve had these 3 books on my wish list for a while… so long of a while that I could feel them getting dusty. So, I felt it my duty to relieve them of said dust. When my company is a tad further along, I am going to reinstate my monthly book allowance. Everyone should have one. But for now, no matter how sporadicly these lovely Amazon boxes arrive at my door, I will secretly clap my hands together with a fiendish smile and immediately begin plotting time to thoroughly peruse . . . uninterrupted. (Now that’s the real challenge!) But I’m up for it. Can you say “excited?” ☺

Have a blessed Thursday!!!

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