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Workspace Wednesday :: New Beginnings . . .

Burlington Arcade, the new place of residence for my design studio + showroom!!

South Pasadena, the new location of my design studio + showroom!!

Hey guys! Hope all is well in your world. Things have been crazy busy lately and I have been doing a lot of plotting, planning and a lil bit of packing over here. Why you ask? Well, I’m super excited to share with you that, come Friday, my “bedudio” (the word I made up for the “bedroom studio” that I have worked out of for the last few years) will close it’s doors to all working activity. Don’t fret, what that actually means is that I am gearing up to move said “bedudio” into a real. live. workspace. that is NOT inside, near, adjacent to, attached or even in the same city as my bedroom! It’s definitely a milestone for my business and something I have been diligently working towards and praying about for some time now. I’ll be sharing more about it and bringing you guys along for the ride in the coming weeks. In the meantime, have a happy Wednesday!!


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