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Randomocities: Balancing Acts | Work + Family

This weekend I had a crazy allergy attack that kinda knocked me off my feet. Luckily the worst is behind me now. I don’t get sick often, but when I do it makes me stop and take a look at what’s going on in my life. While I was recovering, I realized that I am feeling a little overwhelmed. Why? Because I am still having a hard time balancing work & family under the same roof, 24 hours a day. My bedroom is doing double duty as Command Center One for my business, and it is showing signs of distress. I’ve really been having a hard time keeping my work area neat and separate from my clothes, laundry and shoes. I’m thankful that I have a bedroom that can accommodate my desk & design tools, so this is not a full on complaint. This is just me recognizing that something’s gotta give. Meanwhile, I am really trying not to have my mind on work while I am spending time with my family. I hate being that person who is always on their phone tapping away during face to face conversations. I think it is rude and unnecessary . . . unless maybe your name is Barak Obama, then you get a pass for running the country and indulging in face-to-face conversations simultaneously. However, Barak Obama I am not, and lately, this has been something of a challenge for me. During the summer days I seem to take little work breaks, where I break away to my desk to shoot off an email or make a phone call. When there is a project at hand, I block off a few hours to sit (hopefully, yet unlikely) uninterrupted and complete it. Still, the guilt is there. I don’t expect to be available to my husband and kids all day everyday, but there is something that is understood when you are leaving the house to go to work. People know you will be less available, and that’s okay. But when Mommy is locked in her bedroom frantically typing into her computer, it just doesn’t seem to carry the same weight . . . at least not yet. I’m holding fast to the idea that this too shall pass. And though I find it hard to believe, school will be in session again shortly. I can’t believe we are almost face to face with the month of August. Realizing this, I am vowing to take every moment as it comes. I truly am enjoying having my family around. Even if I do have to take little breaks here and there!!

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