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New Styles on Deck!

New samples have arrived in the studio!

Hey guys! I’ve created a few new styles for Holiday that I am excited to share with you. They are being added to the shop this week! ┬áIn the meantime, I am gearing up for my trip to San Francisco this weekend, where Lori and I will be GATHERING with a few amazing small business owners to support, encourage and discuss issues related to our businesses. If you are interested in joining us, we’d love to have you. Email your RSVP to [email protected] and we’ll send you over the deets! In the meantime, Have a fabulous Wednesday!!


Behind the Scenes . . .

The Magic Corner . . .

The magic corner in my bedroom studio . . . or “bedudio” as I like to call it . . .

I recently had lunch with a few creatives and we got to talking about the ins and outs of running a fashion business. We talked a lot about social media, and how it is playing a crucial role in our businesses in different ways. One of the women in the group asked me who takes the photos for my instagram account. I kind of chuckled when she asked me, because at the moment, having someone else photograph + curate my Instagram account is not something I can do, but I was flattered that she thought the images were something I was outsourcing. I explained to her the reality of my photography set up which usually consists of the following . . .
1. bedroom floor
2. window (I use natural light only)
3. products and
4. cell phone to snap the shot.
I dream of the day when I am able to shoot my collection in a studio, with light boxes, backdrops and props, but for now this is what I have and I make the best of it, and thats what a lot of creatives are doing. The thing is, we usually just see the end result… the perfectly staged photo or scene. We don’t always see what it takes to get the shot. Since I am usually shooting when the kids and Rob are at school, theres no one to take a pic of me balancing on the edge of my bed and shooting down on top of the bags, or crouching down to get the shot while trying to keep my feet and knees from making a guest appearance in the corners of the image. It’s pretty amazing what we can create with our phones and laptops these days. It’s also amazing to see how it’s done. I’ll be sharing a little more of the behind the scenes process in the coming months.

Have a fab Thursday, peops!


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