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Life in Pictures | Week of 7/24-7/31

A snapshot of my week in images . . .

I love my new BGBgeneration Sandals!

I love my new BGBgeneration Sandals! Snagged them @ Marshalls in Austin for a steal!

Don't you just love it when your fortune cookie is on point? :)

Don’t you just love it when your fortune cookie is on point? :)

It felt good to get more orders shipped out this week. So thankful for all of my customers.

It felt good to get more orders shipped out this week. So thankful for all my customers ♥.

Spotted this beautiful wall in Austin last week . . .

Spotted this beautiful wall in Austin last week and couldn’t walk by without snapping a shot. . .

FINALLY got my braces off!! Corn on the cob, here I come!!!!

FINALLY got my braces off!! Corn on the cob, here I come!!!!

Have you ever just felt really excited and happy about the future? That’s how I feel right now. This has been a really great week and I almost can’t believe it is Friday already! I hope you have some fun things planned for the weekend . . . and by fun I mean, at least one thing that you really want to do, and that could even be nothing! As long as it’s something you want to do . . .



Travel Diary:: Austin, TX | South Congress

SoC0_thelookbookphilosophy.com One of the highlights of our trip to Austin this summer, was visiting this little gem of an area known as South Congress or SoCo as the locals like to refer to it. The area is located on South Congress Avenue, from Johanna to Gibson Streets. It features an eclectic array of restaurants, shops, antiques and music venues.

The first thing I noticed about SoCo was its fabulous use of Airstream trailers! I think Airstream’s are beautifully designed, and I loved seeing how they were being put to use for everything from hot dog stands to pet shelters!


One of the things I loved about this area was its use of color! There was color on the sides of buildings, interspersed graffiti and brightly painted doors and storefronts at every turn.

give_thelookbookphilosophy.com S+P_thelookbookphilosophy.com maya1_thelookbookphilosophy.com Fitti_thelookbookphilosophy.com graf1_thelookbookphilosophy.com concretepoetry_thelookbookphilosophy.com BB_thelookbookphilosophy.com

While strolling the streets we passed Gueros Taco Bar which (thankfully) had misters out on their patio. We had just come from kayaking, and it had to be at least 100 degrees with the humidity, so everyone stopped to partake of the free droplets. It really was a treat. Next time I would like to try their tacos in addition to their mist!

GUEROS_THELOOKBOOKPHILOSOPHY.COM Mist_thelookbookphilosophy.com love_thelookbookphilosophy.com One block up from Guerros is my new favorite Austin store. It is called Uncommon Objects. I was not able to spend nearly enough time in this place. Uncommon Objects is a collective of approximately 24 vintage sellers housed under one roof . . . or as they like to say . . . “a one of a kind emporium of transcendent junk”. But don’t let the word junk fool you. They wouldn’t let you take photos inside so you’ll have to go and see for yourself. I only managed to snap the two below, but they don’t give you much to go on. The store is amazing, take my word for it. I could have spent beaucoup hours and mad dollars$ in there. Can’t wait to go back next summer. Secretly wishing we had one here in Cali . . .

UnCo_thelookbookphilosophy.com Uncom_thelookbookphilosophy.com uncointerior_thelookbokphilosophy.com unco3thelookbookphilosophy.com By this time we were all famished. My niece had been telling about Homeslice Pizza since our last visit so we decided to go there for dinner. The wait time was Ri-DIC-u-LOUS, however, the pizza was AH-mazing! And they had the coolest patio out back complete with a ping pong table and chairs. They even have a separate location next door with a walk-up take out window. Way to cover your bases right?

HomeSlice_thelookbookphilosophy.com Homie_thelookbookphilosophy.com HSP_thelookbookphilosophy.com Menu_thelookbookphilosophy.com HeyHomiew_thelookbookphilosophy.com Pong_thelookbookphilosophy.com rootbeer_thelookbookphilosophy.com crustwetrust_thelookbookphilosophy.com chairses_thelookbookphilosophy.com By the time we left Homeslice it was late and we were all tired. . .  but not too tired to stop by Hey Cupcake! and get a cupcake for the road! They didn’t have any gluten free options available, so I ordered the Red Velvet for Rob. I loved the whole design of this little cupcakery. To sit out in the warm night air and snack on cupcakes under pink umbrellas with friends? Yep, I’ll take it!!

HeyCup_thelookbookphilosophy.com CupMenu_thelookbookphilosophy.com HeyCup2_thelookbookphilosophy.com Hey Cup3_theookbookphilosophy.com SoCo is a great area to check out if you are visiting the Austin area. For more information, maps and a free visitor guide click here.

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Road Trippin’ | Austin, TX :: The Open Road, Part I

LA-AUSTIN Last week we took a road trip to Austin, TX to participate in my brother and sister’s sport’s camp that they put on with their church every summer. This was the first time we’ve been able to go down for the sports camp. It was such a fun time! I really came away from the event being blessed by having seen all of the effort, energy, time and money that goes into putting on a free, 3 day sports camp for children in the community. It was so great to meet the local kids as well as other volunteers. I think the thing I came away with was that I can definitely do more. Life is about giving, and my brother and sister inspired me to find more ways to give of my time, energy or resources right here where I am.

Arizonapyramid_thelookbookphilosophy.com I am a die-hard road tripper. Translation: I am always down for a road trip. I love the open roadHowever, the drive to Austin is not one of my favs. In my opinion, 80% of the drive is ugly. Dirt, sand, tumbleweeds, dry brush, + a few interesting plateaus thrown in against a beautiful sky. (I’m big on visual aesthetics, lol!) I thrive on and am energized by green grass, trees and flowers. The drive to Austin has virtually none of this -until the last leg of the trip. Which, depending on when you arrive, is usually done in darkness. This time we were able to see it during daylight hours, but we had a schedule to keep, so I had to take pictures from our moving minivan.


I loved the moody skies we had on our trip. It did rain a little, but most of it was just dramatic cloud cover. Although, on our drive back, we went through a 3 hour lightning storm! I wish I was talented enough in my photo skills to have captured that on film. I tried, but it was so hard to get the timing of the strikes + my finger to cooperate!

plateas10fwy_thelookbookphilosophy.com These plateaus made for a pretty horizon . . .

RestStop_thelookbookphilosophy.com I thought the retro feel of the sheet-rock-60s-vibe rest stops that we came across were pretty cool. I’m not a big fan of public restrooms, especially the ones you find roadside, but these were surprisingly clean and well kept. They even had actual mirrors in them . . . which if you have traveled cross country before, you might have noticed, are few and far between. There was even a covered area for BBQ-ing. I did wonder to myself who would actually choose to BBQ at a rest stop in 100 degree weather on the side of the freeway in Arizona, but, the grill looked used, so I guess it happens more often than not!

RestStp2_thelookbookphilosophy.com cacti_thelookbookphilosophy.com By the time we got to the last leg of the trip, I was ready for some lush trees and grass. Texas is a HUGE state, so once we exited the 10 freeway, we still had another 862 miles to travel, and most of it was done on two lane highways and roads.

Look at how green and full these trees are! ♥ Happiness ensued . . .

plains_thelookbookphilosophy.com treeses_thelookbookphilosophy.com barntavern_thelookbookphilosophy.com

We passed through a little town, but unfortunately this was the only shot I could get of it . . . like I said, it was a little town, we were through it before I could get the camera back on and ready to go . . . Cool barn-like tavern though!


Saw lots of bulls grazing. Rob said if he could be any animal in the world he would choose to be a bull. I thought it was because he is a Taurus, but he said it was because they got to roam the open plains, eat and chill all day. Hmmm, the way a man’s mind works . . . .


Made a few friends along the way . . . We were on a deserted two lane road and Rob was able to stop the car so I could snap a pic. This little guy came over to see what was going on and decided to pose for me. Such a cutie . . .  sunset_thelookbookphilosophy.com sunset10fwy_thelookbookphilosophy.com

We were able to see some pretty magical sunsets too. Next week I’ll be posting on fun things to do in Austin so stay tuned!!!

Do you like road trips? Where is your favorite place to ‘trip to? 

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