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Moving Forward . . .


Do you ever feel like you are walking blindly, or moving forward on a path that is unclear? As a reformed semi-control-freak, I find myself working to be at peace with this feeling often. In fact, I have been working through this feeling for the last few weeks. Most especially where it relates to my business. I tend to like to have a plan, a written list or thought map to follow. But what happens when your plan, list or thought map is interrupted by real life? What happens if you find yourself bombarded with so many ideas and no clear direction on which way to proceed? In times like these I have found it helpful to seek peace and quiet . . . a moment of regrouping if you will.  It just so happens that my sister from another mister, Ashley Wilson of  Sacred Rebel, has just created a free 3 Day Spirit Detox and a super dope post on why creative quiet time is a productivity booster + a definite necessity. (I love the timing of life sometimes.) I have already downloaded her Spirit Detox and and am setting aside the time to jump right in. Ashley covers a lot of key points about why it is important to detox, and best practices for doing so in her post. You can read more amazing brand strategy + content marketing tips at sacredrebel.co or click here for the full post. Ashley is amazing at what she does, and I know you will come away more knowledgeable than you were when you first visited her site!


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