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How’s Your Week Going?

Today . . .

How’s your week going so far? I’ve enjoyed having back to back Mondays off. The kids were out of school the past two Mondays and Rob was off as well. I love how 3-day weekends pack a double bonus…. first you get a day off, then you follow that up with a short work week. Problem is, I always seem to go through the week a day off. For instance, I didn’t post on time today, which is my usual day to post, because I’m still thinking it’s Tuesday! But I digress… Things have been going well. I’m definitely keeping busy with production and delivery which is a true blessing. I’ve got a new contractor that I am working with and things seem to be going quite well. I was getting so many orders for the Mailer clutches that I had to farm out production. I was truly enjoying making them myself, but with all the hats I am wearing at the moment, I realized that I had to let go of what I could. This has been an ongoing lesson for me . . . learning to let go and delegate where necessary. I tend to think I can do it all myself. Moreover, I almost want to do it all myself. It’s been a slow process but I’m learning that the beauty of letting go of some of your tasks is that it allows you to have time to devote to other things.

Is there anything in your life you can delegate, which will in turn, free you up to focus on other things? Think about it . . .

The Haight Fringe Clutch + A Happy Wednesday to You!

Haight Fringe Clutch | Ayanna Listenbee

Haight Fringe Clutch | Ayanna Listenbee

It’s Wednesday and summer is upon us! My kids are out of school officially tomorrow and I am welcoming the slower change of pace that summer brings. Because I am already in the weekend mindset, and ready to get this show on the road, I’ve listed 3 fun things to do in LA this Friday below. I hope you are all enjoying your week and steadily making progress on the things you want to accomplish!

3 Fun things to do in LA Friday, June 12, 2015

  1. The Etsy Annual West Coast Craft Party- an evening of paper crafting, good food and craft beer. Click here for mas details.
  2. If you are into Jazz check out the Jazz @ LACMA free concert series.
  3. If you want a good scare, check out the original 1960 thriller, Psycho showing at The Million Dollar Theater in Downtown LA. 

Enjoy + Keep moving forward!

Werkspace Wednesday | What’s Cookin’ . . . .


Happy Wednesday guys! I’ve been doing a lot of editing at my computer lately for an upcoming project that I am looking forward to sharing with you soon. I’ve also been doing a little line research on the side and brainstorming for a rebrand of my handbag line that I am working on with Kelly Brito (super excited about that!!) Next week I’ll be introducing a new blog series I just created that was inspired by yesterday’s post. I’m really excited about it! Well, I’m headed off to a doc appointment.

I hope this Wednesday is treating you well!


Werkspace Wednesday | Your Vision is Key to Your Success . . .

Your Vision is Key to Your Success | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. I spanned the range of emotions, from tears to laughter . . .  frustration to joy. It wasn’t so much that something bad happened, it was more like frustration with the way things were going. Running a business on a shoestring budget with out help is more than a notion. If something goes wrong. . . you have to handle it. If the raw materials shipments don’t arrive on time . . . you have to get on the phone and track them down (and then work extra hard to keep everything else on schedule so there is no trickle down in the production schedule). If shipments need to go out to customers . . . you guessed it . . . you have to ship them. In addition to all the physical things that go on in a business, there is the mental work that takes place throughout the day . . . creative budgeting, designing, creating + implementing ideas for marketing, advertising, collaborations and even blog posts. The majority of the time I am fine with all this. But for some reason yesterday, I just got fed up with things. My laptop kept freezing up on me, I could not get in touch with my hardware supplier all day long, time was flying by and I had yet to accomplish anything meaningful before the kids would be home from school (which, technically, is the end of my workday.)

So I stopped.

Well, first I cried . . . then I stopped. I’m sharing this not as a rant, but rather as a simple truth of soloprenurism . . .  or part of it anyway. Things can get overwhelming, and when they do, if you are able to, I recommend this:: get quiet + stop. Remember why you are doing what you are doing. After I dried my eyes,  I realized that I had not been keeping my vision in front of me. I had just been going nonstop, jumping from task to task and losing track of the “why” as I was so uber-focused on the “what.” This brings me to my point (only 2 paragraphs later :) . . .

Your Vision is Key to Your Success.

Yall know that I am a visual person. I’ve discussed it here many times. It’s also the reason this blog was created. But I realized I wasn’t keeping the vision in front of me! I wasn’t keeping my specific goals in my line of sight. I have a few vision boards in my office. Some I use for the lines I am working on and others hold more longterm personal goals. I hadn’t looked at my long term vision board in a while. In fact, I didn’t even know where it was at first. So, I found it and got quiet. I looked at the photos, and the statements I had attached to them and I used my mind to see the things I was looking at in a new light . . . as in the light of the reason WHY I was doing all this stuff. And guess what? It helped!! The quietness even lead to ideas of what steps to take next. I felt so much better after I was able to just let go of what was going on around me and set my sights back on the ultimate goal. I even set aside a little time to revise my vision and update it. Clarity is key, people! So if you have been feeling a little overwhelmed or off track, try getting quiet and stopping for a sec. Get out your vision board, vision book or list of goals and look at them. See them coming to fruition in your life and listen for any new steps to take. I’m telling you, it works!!!! :)

keep moving forward!


Werkspace Wednesday | 5 Ways to Find Inspiration . . .

Werkspace Wednesday | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSPHY Workspace Wednesday | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY Werkplace Wednesday | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY

Where do you seek inspiration? Traveling is one of my favorite ways to renew myself and garner inspiration. Since I can’t always travel as much as I would like to, I do a lot of reading. I love reading about how other people achieved their successes, you learn so much from an authentic story of trial and error because no journey is ever without it’s highs and lows.

Another way I seek inspiration is via Pinterest and Tumblr. The images + information I have found via these sites has been priceless to a visual addict like myself.  Photography has always been a side addiction for me as well. Taking pictures of things you find interesting + beautiful . . . seeing the textures and colors of nature up close and personal can be a great way to trigger new ideas.

Fabric + leather swatches and a blank sheet of paper are great motivators for me to design something new. Just the mere feel, or smell of leather can get my pencil moving on paper. There are so many different things that can be done with leather textures these days, and the PU (faux leather) textures are pretty amazing as well.  If you are looking for ways to get inspired I have listed 5 Ways to Find Inspiration Below . . .

5 Ways to Find Inspiration

  1. Travel:: You don’t have to go far. You can even visit the next city closest to your town, or your own city for that matter. Just go somewhere you haven’t been before. Notice the buildings, types of plants + trees, landscaping and what people are wearing. If you’re able to get out of town, notice what customs or rituals are taking place around you. Do people speak with accents? What are they wearing? What colors do you notice recurring?
  2.  Read:: Books, magazines, blogs + newspaper articles can all be great sources of inspiration. Some of my favorite reads are foreign fashion magazines (even though I often can not read the articles, the editorial styles, typography and fashions are different enough to be inspiring). I also read a lot of business related materials. Some books that have been most helpful to me are the 99U series, Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work + Steal Like an Artist , Blogging Your Way to the Front Row by Yuli Ziv and Hijacking the Runway by Teri Agins. There are so many books I love, but those are a few gems I keep on hand at my desk. I am also a coffee table book adddict (apparently I have many addictions) but a beautifully bound book with stunning images gets me everytime.
  3. Go for a walk:: (Similar to #1) Just getting out of your immediate surroundings, ie. your desk or office, can open up a world of inspiration. The fresh air and sunshine on your face will do you a world of good by allowing you to momentarily take your mind off your work and put it on your surroundings. Conversely, taking a walk in the rain will do the same thing. (I favored rainy day walks more as a child, these days I hate being wet with clothes on, but that might be something that floats your boat! And you’ll never know if you haven’t tried it so keep an eye out and an umbrella handy for the next rainy day!).
  4. Old Black + White Movies:: I love a good old film noir. Give me the the bad girls of Old Hollywood any day over the newbies of today. Joan Crawford, Betty Davis + Gene Tierney are amongst my favorites. I love looking at the clothes they wore, how they spoke, what the houses and cars looked like and even how the men + children were dressed. Loads of inspiration abounds in Old Hollywood . . .
  5. Get Quiet:: Information overload is real people! Don’t get me wrong, I love the era we live in. The answer to any question you may have is right at your fingertips with the help of google or Siri, but sometimes you just gotta shut off the tech and get into the peace and quietness of the moment. Let the sounds around you take the forefront, listen to your breathing and clear your mind. See what ideas pop into your head. See who’s voice you hear. Talk to God. You never know what inspired ideas you may be missing because you haven’t stopped to listen!

How do you seek inspiration? 



Werkspace Wednesday | What’s Really Going On . . .

What's Really Going On | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY Happy Wednesday!  I’ve been working hard on a few different projects lately. I’m excited to be able to share them with you soon. In the meantime, I came across a quote today and was inspired to create a visual for it. It is a truth that I hold steadfast to . . .

LOOK FOR THE BEST IN OTHERS  THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY I hope you are all enjoying the beauty of mid-week goodness that is Wednesday. The close of the week is quickly approaching . . . are you ready for it? ;)

What are you working on today?

Werkspace Wednesday | Punctuation Art . . . a Free Printable!

Punctuation Art Printable | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY

click here to download your very own 5 piece set!

If you remember, I promised a free printable last week. Traveling sort of got me off schedule, but it’s finally ready for you guys today!

We have a large blank wall in our bathroom and I’ve been looking for something to fill the space. Not having found just the right thing, I decided to create it! In keeping with my love of typography, I created a few pieces of Punctuation Art for my bathroom + I thought I would share them with you guys.  I plan on doing a gallery wall to fill the space and I’ll share before and after pics once I  . . . uh, I mean, Rob, hangs them, but in the mean time, you can grab your own 5 piece Punctuation Art set here and create your own gallery wall, or typographical vignette.

Punctuation Vignette 900 | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY

this is the barren wall I plan to get all typographical on . . .

The artwork is formatted to fit an 8.5″ x 11″ frame (the opening of the mat in my frame is 7.5″ x 9.5.”) This artwork was created by me for you. Please do not sell it or use it for commercial purposes. If you do like it and use it, I’d love to see how! Send me a pic or tag me on instagram @thelookbookphilosophy.



Werkspace Wednesdays | Things to Come . . .


herringbone floors, natural light, glass + arches . . .♡

This morning has gone by in a flash! The kids are already home from school and its almost time to begin homework. I found this beautiful workspace on Pinterest earlier this week and since it looks much more amazing than the space I am sitting in now, I decided to share it in honor of Werkspace Wednesday. It’s crazy hectic around here as I am preparing to leave town for a few days, but I have a free printable coming your way by the end of the week so stay tuned!!

Happy Wednesday!


Werkspace Wednesdays . . . Back to the Drawing Board

Back to the Drawing Board . . . | THE LOOKBOOK PHILOSOPHY

sketchbooks and sunlight, today is a good day . . .

I can not believe how much creative energy I have had lately. It’s almost like my brain has been in hibernation mode for the past 9 months and now it is waking up from a deep slumber, ready to produce. I have had an overwhelming urge to draw since January. Lately, I have had such a deep desire to start painting and creating art again, and I am just starting to give into it. I can’t help but stop and ask myself . . . Why has it taken me so long? The urge has been relentless!! I can only equate it to the feeling of knowing you have to go pee, and not wanting to stop what you are doing so that you can go do it, but once you finally do, you feel amazing and ask yourself what took you so long, and what were you waiting for? Please tell me I am not the only one who puts off bathroom breaks . . . tmi? Ok, I digress, but seriously, I have found it hard to get started on some of the projects that have been rumbling around in my head. I have ideas jotted down in my sketchbooks, and Pinterest boards full of ideas that have sparked ideas, but it has been only recently that I have actually begun to sit down and bring these ideas to fruition.

Which brings me to an important question . . .

Can you pinpoint the walls in your life?

I am asking this question because I see myself struggling sometimes against the walls that I have seemingly created for myself. Let me be more clear . . . It’s really as simple as this::

My soul says:: “I want to paint”

My brain says:: “But you need space, a big desk and bright light to paint. You don’t have anywhere where you can spread out and really paint.”

My soul says:: “But I want to paint!”

My brain says:: “Just wait, you don’t have anywhere to do it, so just work on something else.” Don’t worry, you’ll be able to paint soon . . .

9 Months Later . . .



I AM NOW 9 MONTHS OLDER . . . (jussayin)

Now, let me tell you about ☝that conversation☝that I’ve had going on in my head for the last 9 months . . . IT’S A BUNCH OF MALARKEY!!!! Sorry guys. Plain and simple.  The only way to get to the next step is to take the first one. I believe that many of the urges and promptings we are given are to help us birth ideas that God wants us to put out into the universe. I also believe they are indicators to our happiness, that they point the way to things that can bring us joy. . .  in a way, they point us toward using our gifts which, in turn, helps to add value to our lives because we are then actually using the gifts that we have been blessed with. In contrast, when we ignore them, we are ignoring a core part of our psyche, and that can lead to depression, anxiety and even stress!

So, it’s back to the drawing board for me, literally. I will be sharing more sketches around these parts in the coming weeks. I know that some of you have even been asking for “The Worn Identity” to return. I can’t promise a full return yet, but I will say there will be more personal style posts of that nature hitting the blog in the near future.

And now, I will leave you with these simple words:: FEED YOUR SOUL.


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