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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for so many things today, but as I sit and ponder them, I’m recognizing that they are all the same things that I am thankful for every day . . . . . health, God’s grace, friends, family, growth, love, experiences, faith, hope, the ability to be able to do what I love for a living, the blessing of meeting new people who have brought more beauty into my life. The things I am most thankful for don’t come with a price tag. Don’t get me wrong, I do have a few things that came with price tags that I am truly thankful for as well, but when I strip it all down, other than the roof over my head, food to eat, car to drive and clothes to wear, the things that mean the most to me consist of people and experiences, creativity and growth. I’m so thankful for all of them.

I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving and are able to be surrounded by people you love and good food.


Keep Moving Forward . . . | Free Printable

Keep Moving Free Printable | The LookBook Philosophy I have always created different prints to keep at my desk or use in my inspiration books, and I’ve recently decided to start sharing them. Yesterday I made this “Keep Moving Forward” print just to keep myself motivated . . . (and because I was feeling inspired by the shape of this letter “k” ☺).  I wanted to share it with you guys as a free printable. It’s a PDF file that fits on 8.5″ x 11 paper, or you can crop it to fit in an 8 x 10″ frame.

Keep Moving Forward Printable | The LookBook Philosophy We can all use a little motivation sometimes. Simple reminders placed around your work area or home can help to put your mind back on track. (take it from someone with a wandering mind . . . :) These little words actually hold a lot of weight. No matter what your task at hand, be it big or small, the only way to see it through to fruition is to keep moving forward. Don’t stop.

Keep Moving Forward Printable | The LookBook Philosophy

Click here to download your free printable!



WELCOME 2014:: I’ve Been Waiting for You!!!


2013 was a hard year for me. Business-wise I started off on a high note, and seemingly ended flat on my ass. (Excuse my French). Of course I know the final chapter has not been written, and happily,  I am ready to put pen to paper to write it. Family-wise, we lost my Father-in-Law unexpectedly, and that brought the fragility of life into the forefront of our minds.

This year was full of so many major changes! My son got his first pair of glasses and joined his first sports team. My daughter was in not one, but 2 girl scout groups and is blossoming into a wonderful artist and ballerina. There was progress in 2013, I can’t deny it. And now, this morning, 2014 greeted me bright and sunny, as I awoke from the memory of last year. I’m happy  you’re here 2014!! I know God has lots in store for us, and I am open, willing, and ready to walk hand in hand with Him. I am excited at the opportunities that lie before me. Those that I create, and those that are created for me.

2014, You are definitely welcome here!!!

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A Little Photo Negative Positivity fo’ ya. . .


 Just got these fab leopard leggings @ my fav quick grab + go spot . . . Marshalls. They always have something for me. ☺ Especially when I am not even supposed to be in there! (although sometimes those are the best purchases!!!!) I needed a little pick me up fly gear for my morning walks. Nothing like experiencing the beauty of this earth on a morning walk while wearing something that makes you feel good!!! LOL!

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ReDecor Project | Phase II: Project White-Out


How yall doin? It’s been a minute since I touched base with you. I hope life is treating all of you well. My plate has been pretty full lately. All good stuff though. I’ve sort of fallen back into my old Project Manager role by coordinating, furnishing + installing my brother’s house. It’s so much fun, I could do this all day long, takes a lot of organization and planning, but I swear interior decor is my 3rd calling… (I won’t tell you what my 2nd calling is . . . I’ll just let your little minds ponder on that one! tee hee hee.) But I digress . . . naturally, as life would have it, I started back on my own ReDecor project, which was never really finished in the first place. The focus this time is my bedroom/office. I (translation: Rob) have painted myself into total and utter happiness! Who would’ve thought the color white could make one so happy!! I’ve been wanting to do a white-out for a while and it was well worth the wait. I feel like I am shedding my old skin!! We get so much beautiful sunlight in our bedroom throughout the day, and now our room is starting to take on a really fresh + crisp vibe. We have one accent wall (I guess when it came down to it I couldn’t totally give up color) and the rest are white, even the floor is white! Very Scandanavian . . . ☺ Anyway, the room is in flux, but I will post pics as soon as we (translation: he) is done. I snapped this pic of [the cleaner side of] my desk this morning. The new paint job just might make working out of my bedroom a little more bearable . . .

p.s. do you like my poster? It’s another one I designed specifically for my office. Just a friendly reminder to self . . . one can never have too many!

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Attack this Day!


original artwork by Ayanna Listenbee Anderson


Hello beautiful April dwellers!!!! I hope this month finds you living well! Hard to believe it is already April. Spring is definitely in the air. My firstborn will turn 8 years old tomorrow!!! He has matured so quickly in the last few months. It’s amazing to watch, and a blessing to be able to partake in.

On other fronts, God is really working with me on that virtue they call patience. This past month has really been a training ground for it, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Happy to say I am passing the tests, but it is a minute-by-minute, second-by-second battle. Actually as I write this, I’m not so sure the endurance training I am partaking in is for patience, if I am honest with myself, and at this point in my life, why be otherwise . . . it seems my endurance training is more about letting go and letting God take the reigns. Perhaps it is more a test of faith. I used to think that when you had faith you just didn’t have concerns or worries about your daily situations . . . that you just said to yourself… “No matter, God will take care of it!” What I’ve learned is that that is the correct response, however, you do still have concerns and worries. You just don’t let them hang around as long as you once may have! The concerns, and critical thoughts definitely still pop into your head, but when they do, they should be swiftly dealt with. I do it by telling them to leave and reminding them that God is the source of my supply, and that no weapon formed against me shall prosper!!! These days that’s the way I am handling things. It definitely feels good. But don’t get me wrong, it is still a minute-by-minute battle for me. Does that ever change? Just wondering . . . .

Do you like the image I posted above? I was recently commissioned to create a poster of this quote from an unknown source. I absolutely love this quote. Is this not an amazing way to start the day? I love the idea of attacking something with enthusiasm!!! I made one for my client and myself. Now I have a friendly reminder to look at in the morning when I am getting dressed for the day. What words do you speak to yourself to start your day? Whatever words you choose, I hope they are words of love + encouragement, because you deserve it!!!

Now go forth and ATTACK!!!

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