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Thankful Thursdays . . .

Thankful Happy Thursday friends! Despite the fact that I have been feeling challenged in so many areas lately, I know there’s lots to be thankful for. I hope you will share one thing you are thankful for in the comments below . . .

Today I am thankful for . . .

  • God’s grace + His word
  • the sunlight shining through my window and lighting up my room as I type this
  • the reality of Hope in situations that look, taste, and feel hopeless
  • my family ♥
  • my health + the health of my family
  • inspiration for my new collection
  • good hair days (though lately, they have been few and far between :/ )
  • laughter
  • persistence
  • progress
  • breakthroughs
  • my sketchbook + pens
  • instagram (yea. i’m addicted. it makes me happy)
  • road trips (can’t wait for Frisco next month!)

What are you thankful for today? Share your thankfuls in the comments below!


Thankful Thursday . . .

Hey guys! I hope you are all well. This is the first week back to school for my kiddies and today is the first day I have been able to sit down at my laptop and breathe!! Lol! Just so happens that today is Thursday, so today I am giving thanks for the following::

  • I am thankful for a smooth transition back to school for my kids + my husband
  • I am thankful to have the house to myself to work in during the day ☺
  • I am thankful for the joy and sense of excitement that fills my heart right now, even though I can not pinpoint my next step or direction as I ponder it
  • I am thankful for my messy, sunlit bedroom office.
  • Although it is a tad overwhelming, I am thankful for my To Do list, not sure why tho, as I look at it . . .
  • I am thankful for my friends and family. I had such a wonderful summer vacation, and it definitely wouldn’t have been as fab without them
  • I am thankful for my visit back East this summer. It’s been so long since I’ve been back home I am still on cloud 9 from that trip!
  • I am thankful for my new camera. I love her. She brings me joy.

What kinds of things are you thankful for today?


Thankful Thursdays | Facing My Fears . . . Those of you who know me well, know that I like my feet firmly planted on the ground. I do not like roller coasters, zip lining, parachuting, bungee jumping, sitting on high bridges in traffic or flying in airplanes. I’ve been able to avoid most of these activities throughout my “wonderfully grounded” life. However, I have a bad case of wanderlust. And sometimes that requires travel by plane. Basically, I fly when I have to. I wish I didn’t have a fear of flying, and after writing this post, you will not hear me say that I have a fear of flying again. (In my mind, to speak it is to give into it) This “fear” of flying is something that came out of nowhere… well, I guess it came out of basic knowledge. (The knowledge being that planes can fall thousands of feet from the sky and crash into tiny bits.) As a child I used to travel frequently with my dad on business rips. I earned a few of my very own “wings” via American Airlines. I even got to go into the cockpit and meet the pilots. When I was little, I thought flying in an airplane was the most amazing thing!! Looking out the window at how little everything looked, seemed to make me feel a little bigger! I was doing what adults did! Looking down on the world from their perspective for a change (or so I thought).

Don’t ask me what happened. By the time I was in high school, the fear of flying had taken hold of me. I knew the fear was a mental thing. It was something I had allowed myself to give into in my mind, but it was a familiar fear. My grandmother was afraid of flying. She would come from Maryland to visit us in Jersey by train. She made no attempts to conceal her dislike of air travel. Give her Amtrak anytime. I somehow adopted this philosophy. To this day, travel by train is my favorite way to go. I’ve taken 4 cross country train trips and can not wait for my next one. Nevertheless, if you want to see the world, air travel just can not be avoided, unless you are a very rich person with a lot of free time on their hands (at the moment, I am neither of these). But that is what I find so interesting about certain types of fear. It makes even the most rational people somehow irrational. I tried to justify it by making mental notes of celebrities that do not like to fly (Whoopi Goldberg, Jennifer Connelly, Megan Fox, Jennifer Aniston . . . “see, I’m not alone, I told myself.”)  somehow I thought if I found good company to keep then it was okay to hang onto this fear. I even kept that stupid statistic tucked away in the back of my head that touted how much more dangerous it was to travel by car on the freeway than it was to fly in an airplane. Nevertheless, when it was time to leave on my trip last week I was not looking forward to the 5-1/2-hour-2-plane-journey I was about to embark on. (the local weather man had predicted thunder and lightning storms to coincide with our departure). To top it all off the world had just experienced 3 . . . count ’em THREE plane crashes in the last month and here I was, stepping out of my no-fly zone onto the tarmac right in middle of all the “crash talking madness.” All the news stations were endlessly reporting on the crashes and interviewing people about how they felt about flying and how safe it actually was.  I got so fed up with being afraid that I just decided not to be afraid anymore. I knew how to do it. I just wasn’t sure I could do it.


Flashback 20 years or so:: When I went away to college in DC, I had to fly. As excited as I was about going away to school, the thought of the impending flight was always looming in the back of my head, sort of dampering things. I remember that flight vividly. It was a red eye and there was alot of turbulence. I prayed the whole 5 1/2 hours. Knowing my dread for the flight I was to take, my Father wrote out a travel prayer and gave it to me before I left for school. I still have it. I keep it in my bible and every time I have flown since, it has been with me. This hand written prayer has got to be at least 20 years old. I had it with me when I went off to France after college graduation. I had it with me when I went off to New York for Thanksgiving with Rob before we got married. I had it with me when I flew to Hawaii for my honeymoon, (right after 9-11) it was with me yet again when I flew to San Francisco for my sister’s 40th birthday weekend,  and I had it with me last week when we flew back east for my cousin’s wedding. It is part of the reason that I will never say I have a fear of flying again. The other reason is this: I was scared about my flight and I prayed to God to remove this fear from me. I asked Him for comfort and he gave me a gift. A vision if you will. In it, I saw myself running up to Jesus, like a little child, excited and happy to see him. I told Him I was scared and needed His help. He said “Ok, I will pray with you, but first I will call on my friend, The Holy Spirit.” He did, and the three of us stood there, arms linked, heads bowed, praying together peacefully, with joy in our hearts. When we were finished, Jesus spoke these words to me: “I will never leave you or forsake you.” Wow! Now how could I be afraid after that? I used that vision + my travel prayer to carry me over the turbulence that visited each of the 4 flights I embarked on. I was still nervous and a little jumpy at some of the turbulence we experienced, but I am thankful that I know God loves me enough to take on my fears and that He has given me His Word to lean on when my “rational” mind rears it’s ugly head.

Do you have any fears you are trying to conquer? How do you quell your fears?


Thankful Thursdays | The Simple Truth . . .

Today’s Thankful Thursday consists of a simple, well warranted, Thank you. I’m going to share a little story with you that will briefly explain the origin of this Thank You . . .

Once upon a time there was a boy who met a girl and fell in love. After many bliss-filled years of dating, (6 to be exact) they married and purchased a lovely home. This home was filled with love, laughter, sometimes arguing, eventually children, and lots of the girl’s “things.” (By things I am referring to  ALL of her numerous clothing items: shoes, purses, bobby pins, headbands, nail polish, tights, dresses, T shirts, jackets, tank tops, jeans, as well as, but not limited to: art supplies; including markers, pens, sketchbooks, paint brushes, pastel chalk, highlighters, post it notes, glitter, glue sticks, leather swatches, mechanical pencils and more.) Whew!

Well, the boy was a good sport, and put up with all of her “things” over the years. Sometimes the boy would notice that the girl was a little overwhelmed. For instance, he noticed that when she opened her closet, clothes would spew forth, as though trying to make a desperate escape from the depths of the black hole that was her closet. He would offer her hints in a well meaning sing song voice (that kind of annoyed her), about how to stay on top of her “things.”  The girl appreciated that he cared enough to give her advice, but she also knew that he didn’t fully “understand” what she was dealing with. For one thing, when the girl would get dressed, she would sometimes try on a few different outfits. This process could sometimes prove to be time consuming, thus eating up the time it would take to hang each item back on it’s appropriate hanger and replace said hanger on the over-stuffed, bending rod in her black hole closet. Before she knew it, she would have to hurry to leave, so as not to be late for her appointments. And so, the clothing would get placed on top of other clothing on the already stuffed and layered shelves and hangers in her closet. The girl meant well, her plan was always to return in the evening and hang up her items, placing them back on the sad and sagging rod in a color coordinated fashion. She rationalized it by reminding herself that all this madness was concealed behind two beautifully painted, glossy black doors, rendering the craziness invisible to others, and therefore making it non-offensive. Now, to her credit, maintaining an organized closet was something that had happened regularly in the earlier days of their marriage . . . pre-kids + home based business. And although the closet looked like the site of a natural disaster to the outside eye, she (pretty much) knew where everything was inside the closet. However, in recent years, she had absolutely, without a doubt, fallen short of the glory of the organized closet she had once maintained. And thus, any mention of it from the boy would annoy the crap out of her.

One day, the girl went out for a day at the spa with her friend. It was a lovely day, one filled with relaxation, good food, water play, sunbathing and laughter. When she returned, she was relaxed, yet somehow tired. As she walked into her room, she noticed a stack of empty shoe boxes piled in the corner of her room. This could only mean one thing. SOMEONE had been messing with her “things.” She knew this because these empty shoeboxes had previously taken up unorganized residence in her abyss closet. She slowly walked over to her closet, timidly putting her hand on the shiny gold handle. She carefully pulled the doors open and was met with the sound of angels singing. Glitter and gold dust fell from the sky, as her eyes took in the beauty of the scene before her. . .

The Boy Had Cleaned Her Closet.

And for this, the girl was eternally thankful ♥.



Thankful Thursdays . . . Celebrating Maya Angelou

MayaAngelou2 Image via AP | Huffington Post

Maya Angelou passed away quietly in her sleep yesterday morning. I found out via social media. It was amazing to see, hear and read about the impact that her life and words had on sooooo many people. What a beautiful legacy she left behind. We all have the potential to leave greatness in our wake if we so choose. I am thankful to Maya for the way she chose to overcome the adversities in her life, and how she shared them with the world. Her life, words and works stand as a testament to overcoming and creating beauty from ashes.

Maya, you will be missed, and your words will be forever treasured.




Thankful Thursday:: Just Breathe . . .

ColeyCatalano_dandelion_Unsplash Image: Coley Christine Catalano via

I know you haven’t seen a Thankful Thursday around here in a while. My bad. I really feel this series of posts is one of my most important. Living in Thankfulness helps to keep me balanced. It helps to keep me from getting caught up in all those little things that are not going as planned, are out of my control or are just plain annoying unwanted surprises that life seems to send our way sometimes.

I’m very thankful for this little piece of the web I’ve created where I can curate and share things of beauty, offer advice and occasionally rant. This space makes me happy.

I am thankful for the the support of my husband and family regarding my businesses and design projects. 

I am thankful for creativity and sunlight, growth and progress.

Since I’ve started homeschooling my son, my days have been very different. It has been very challenging for me as a small business owner. The time to create, market and research has been cut down drastically. If you know me, you know that creating and being ensconced in my work is a huge part of who I am. So to have the time to do these things taken away has really forced me to get creative with my time and scheduling. And I can’t say I’ve been very good at it. The priorities have shifted. Honestly, there isn’t much time for both things. My main concern is my son. His well being, his education and his progress. But I find my desire to do the thing I love actively competing with my desire to do the thing I must. Which is educate my son to the best of my ability. And while I struggle with this daily, I’ve found, the best way to handle these types of situations is to sit in thankfulness.

I am thankful for God’s grace in my life.

I am both thankful and grateful, that I am able to homeschool my son.

I am thankful that I have another day before me to do better than I did yesterday. 

What are 5 things that you are thankful for today?

♥ ♥ ♥


Thankful Thursdays | 10 Things I am Thankful for Today . . .


Thank God it’s Thursday! This week seems to be flying by! My days and weeks have been so different since we started homeschooling Reston. The results of homeschooling on my son have been so wonderful in such a short period of time! It really is amazing. It’s funny, although my days are structured differently, I somehow seem to be getting it all done. It doesn’t always look pretty, and my work time is typically not structured the way I like it to be, but when I look back, I can see that I am still making progress.

Next week I will be going to Vegas for a few days to cover the MAGIC show. I’m really excited about this trip. Usually I attend MAGIC for the purposes of sourcing and networking for my own business. But this time I am attending as Press! One of my passions is discovering and promoting new and existing brands, and sharing them with you.  God is putting these opportunities in my path and I am really excited to be able to pursue them!

With that said, I thought that for this Thankful Thursday, I would list a few things that I am thankful for today. I heard a man once say that a blessing is something that means something to you. I feel like I have many blessings to be thankful for. They may not seem like much to others, but I think its always good to take note, recognize and be thankful for the little things.


  1. Reston’s progress and witnessing the return of the joy of learning!!! Super BIG Yay!!!
  2. My family’s health and happiness
  3. My trip to Vegas next week and the opportunity to cover the MAGIC show
  4. My desire + passion to design and create is returning full force. (another Super BIG Yay!!!)
  5. Morning adventure walks with my son! (see photo above ☺ )
  6. My marriage of 11 years. It ain’t always easy, but the hard work is so worth it!
  7. Inside jokes and giggles with my kiddos
  8. My mom and dad being so supportive and helpful with the kids pick ups and drop offs
  9. Being 5 months gluten free. If someone had told me I would be GF a year ago I never would have believed them.
  10. Tomorrow is Friday!!!

What are you thankful for today?

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Thankful Thursdays: Happy Thanksgiving!!! ♥♥♥

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Hope your day is filled with family, love, laughter, thankfulness + good food!!!


Thankful Thursdays | Health, Wealth & Amazon . . .


 I’ve been sick for the past 2 days. Some kind of crazy stomach virus. Today I am feeling 100. Yay!!! God is good. I’m thankful to be back in business. And as a special perk-me-up, I received a fantabulous box of books via Amazon. I have a kindle fire, which is nice, but it does NOT in any way, shape or form compare to the actual weight, smell and feel of a book in hand. Especially a coffee table book, which is a flat out ruthless addiction of mine. An addiction that I am in no way trying to cure, mind you. Anyway, every once in a while I treat myself to a few books for inspiration purposes. When I am unable to travel, books serve as my tour guide to other territories. I’ve had these 3 books on my wish list for a while… so long of a while that I could feel them getting dusty. So, I felt it my duty to relieve them of said dust. When my company is a tad further along, I am going to reinstate my monthly book allowance. Everyone should have one. But for now, no matter how sporadicly these lovely Amazon boxes arrive at my door, I will secretly clap my hands together with a fiendish smile and immediately begin plotting time to thoroughly peruse . . . uninterrupted. (Now that’s the real challenge!) But I’m up for it. Can you say “excited?” ☺

Have a blessed Thursday!!!

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