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A Little Photo Negative Positivity fo’ ya. . .


 Just got these fab leopard leggings @ my fav quick grab + go spot . . . Marshalls. They always have something for me. ☺ Especially when I am not even supposed to be in there! (although sometimes those are the best purchases!!!!) I needed a little pick me up fly gear for my morning walks. Nothing like experiencing the beauty of this earth on a morning walk while wearing something that makes you feel good!!! LOL!

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Four Days of Gear . . .


 Saturday’s Destination: Disneyland

I always have a hard time when it comes to dressing for amusement parks. I always want to look cute, but because my feet are so “sensitive” I have to wear comfortable shoes, and usually comfortable means ugly. So all my cute outfits are generally not appropriate because they look ridiculous with a big old bubble gum tennis shoe. Anyway, this summer for trips to the amusement park, I opted for color to combat the wackness of my outfit. A bright lip and T can do wonders for the psyche!!!

chartreuse tank: Cynthia Rowley | off shoulder l/s T: Active Balance Collection | distressed denim leggings: Just USA Premium | shoes: Reebok Air Walk

Sunday’s Destination: Errands

My brother and niece stayed over Saturday night, and since we were out late, we skipped church. It got chilly that evening and I had to run a few errands so I donned my trench, grabbed my Chucks and called it a day. Simple and casual.

belted trench: Zara Basic | distressed denim leggings: Just USA Premium | shoes: Converse All Stars 

Monday’s Destination: Kid’s School, errands, working lunch

The heat returned, but I still needed to look decent because I had a working lunch date. I love these cropped capri pants I got @ H&M a few years back. They can dress up or down. I love wearing them with heels and a blazer, but I needed to be comfortable yet presentable for that day’s line up. I paired it with my Cynthia Rowley scoop neck T (she makes the most amazing T’s and tanks) and I was good to go from 8am-9pm. It was a Looonnngg Dayyyyyy!!!

cropped drawstring capri pants: H&M | Cynthia Rowley dolman sleeve T | raffia sandals: Banana Republic

Tuesday’s Destination: Kid’s School, Office work + Parent Teacher Conference

Wanted to look presentable for the Parent Teacher conference, but still be true to my own style. I chose my go-to H&M acid dye leggings and a studded sweater I found at Marshall’s. Marshall’s and TJ maxx are goldmine’s for me. They never fail me!

acid-dye leggings: H&M | studded wide knit sweater duster: Vertigo | draped tank: Forever 21 | metalllic bronze sandals: Isaac Mizrahi for Target

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Recently Acquired . . .




Spaghetti strap sundress: Young Fabulous + Broke c/o Wasteland $15 | Perforated cropped  faux leather jacket : BCBG c/o Wasteland $35 | Double Gold Buckle Sandals: Bamboo c/o Veronica M. $25 | Gold Scissors Necklace: Erica Weiner c/o Wasteland $60

Found all these fabulous things during my Mother’s Day weekend excursion last Saturday. Had really been wanting to find a black sundress that was long enough for me. The cropped leather jacket was really a find. You know I just LOVE anything black + leather! But this jacket has a really beautiful silhouette. And it’s just lightweight enough for summer evenings. The Erica Weiner scissor necklace was another yummy find for me. I love the detail of the scissors and I feel they represent me in so many ways, from my industry (cut+ sew) to the crafting side of me, and even my personality. I like to think of myself as constantly cutting away @ the parts of myself that I want to refine and change as I go thru life. In the end, I hope I will have created a much more sensitive, loving and giving me. . .  too deep? . . . . Ok, well how about I just like scissors!!!! ☺

BTW, the gold buckle sandals were a great find. I paid $25 for them @ Veronica M. but I just saw them today @ Citiwear for $13!!! Great pair of sandals for the summer. Especially @ that price!

Happy Hunting!

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Life in Pictures | Mother’s Day Weekend



Hey guys! I trust life is treating you wonderfully!! To all my Mommies out there, Happy Belated Mother’s Day!! How did you choose to spend your day of recognition?  I had a fantastic weekend. On Saturday I had a girl’s day with my friend Nikki. It’s been a minute since we hung out. We spent the day in LA, visiting some of my fav shops on Melrose. Btw, Melrose Ave is NOT what it used to be. It’s been a few years since I visited Melrose, and it wasn’t the same even then, but I won’t complain too much because my favorite stores Wasteland + SLOW are still there. Wasteland was having a major sale and I scored 3 great pieces that I had been searching for. You know how you have a running mental list of key items that you want to add to your wardrobe? I love that I found 3 of them all at once!! Happy Mother’s Day to me!! Anyway, we had lunch @ a great Mediterranean restaurant called Cayenne on Beverly. BEST. GREEK. SALD. EVA.!!! It was such a beautiful day. I was even able to squeeze in some location scouting for the photo shoot when we got back to Pasadena. Sunday was family day. What a blessing it is to spend time with the ones you love. Couple that with great food and weather and you got a very happy me!!! What did you guys do? I hope you were able to spend your weekend exactly the way you wanted to . . . . and now it is already WEDNESDAY!!! I can hardly believe we are already @ mid-week!!!

Hey, can you keep a secret? Earlier this week I received some images of the new samples from the factory!! I will share a sneak peak with you tomorrow. This is so exciting!!! Progress makes me happy.

Well, I hope your Wednesday is fabulous. Go forth and create!!


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Smells Like a Sale to Me!!!

Friends, as I mentioned in the previous post, there are limited quantities on hand. All sales are Final and will be processed via PayPal. For shipping add $9.00. All orders will ship UPS Ground. For inquiries feel free to email me:

Enjoy this fabulous Monday!!!


Instantaneous Obsession: Kal Barteski iphone Covers!!!

So, many of you know I am a huge fan of the amazing artist Kal Barteski. Well, in my hiatus and total immersion of developing this line, I have not had time to check out my fav blogs. I finally revisited my bloglovin page and found that Kal has created some amazing iphone covers with her beautiful script fonts!! There are many wonderful ones to choose from. Unfortunately, I had just purchased a case that I am currently loving from Nordstrom, featuring pretty watercolor artwork of penguins, so I really did not need another case. However, I love Kal’s work and it is very important to me to support other artists that bless us with the beauty of their work and inspire me on the day-to-day. So, I purchased. I chose the case that spoke to me where I am right now, “Be in the Moment.” I had a really hard time selecting, but since I had just purchased a colorful cover, I thought a sleek black & white case would fit the bill. I would love to order more, the “Love” case is still calling my name, and the golden-yellow of the “Make Love Your Motto” case is perfect for summer!! Please check out this link for more info on purchasing one of these beautiful cases. Kal makes no money from the sales of these cases, and neither do I. Just tryin’ to spread the beauty!!

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